• KHS Debate




    Home of the 2018 NSDA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in World Schools Debate
    & the 2019 TFA STATE CHAMPIONS in World Schools Debate!


    As a Kingwood debater you will join one of the fastest-growing and most respected programs on campus.

    Kingwood High School Debate draws a wide range of students from all backgrounds and beliefs and offers a competitive experience like no other program available. As a Kingwood debater, you will earn the opportunity to travel across the nation (and even internationally) to compete against the best and brightest. Kingwood Debate has experienced competitive success in tournaments held at Harvard University, Los Angeles, Florida, Canada, Germany, and all across the state of Texas.

    Kingwood Debate will positively impact every area of your life.

    1. Academic- As a debater you will learn and practice critical thinking skills that will directly benefit your efforts in your other classes. The correlation between the skills learned in debate and making better grades and higher scores on standardized tests has been proven time and again. Very few things look better on a college application than high school debate. Our former debaters credit their debate experience as a major reason for their entrance into elite schools and honor programs.
    2. Competitive- We are an elite squad that has enjoyed consistent competitive success on the state, national, and now international level. Our debaters are the 2018 NSDA World School National Champions and 2019 TFA Worls Schools Debate State Champions!
    3. Social- KHS Debate is a place to call home. We have a great reputation for drawing in students from all walks of life and creating an environment where all can seek to become their very best. Joining as an incoming freshman is one of the best decisions you can make in your high school career! Our team prides itself of being inclusive. Join the family!