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    Mrs. O'Brien 

    U.S. History 

    sobrien@humbleisd.net   Zoom--live tutoring is available on Monday& Wed  Periods 1,4,6 from 10:30-11:00am and Periods 2,3,5 from 11:00-11:30am. Zoom invites will be posted in google classroom in the stream, not under classwork. For tutorial sessions, tutorial meeting minutes will be posted on google classroom. If we have a live lesson via zoom, the recording will be posted in google classroom.


    All students should already be enrolled in our google classroom.  However, if they are unsure or have unenrolled below are instructions.  

    Instructions to get into Google Classroom: 

    For your distance learning assignment please log into the appropriate Google classroom. 
    Two ways to get to Google Classroom:
    1. Download the app to your phone, tablet, or computer. Then click on it and input the correct class code      to join.
    2. Go to the students tab on the Humble website and choose MyHumble     Choose the Google Classroom icon                                                       
                                      Join the class by putting in the correct class code.                         

    US History Google Classroom  Code                             PreAP US History Google Classroom Code


                      kepgs7k                                                         nxre57g



    Please use our Google Classroom for the calendar, assignments and information.  Distance learning opportunities will be posted regularly. 

    If you are unsure how to navigate Google Classroom      

             Please  click the link below and view the following video                  


    Navigating Google Classroom


    https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/186617978283778467/          http://www.basset-hounds.ch/attachments/Image/History-Pic-1.jpg?template=generic   http://www.basset-hounds.ch/attachments/Image/Heseltines-Basset-Pack-1912.jpg?template=generic

    My class schedule is:
    1st period:  US History
    2nd period: PreAP US History
    3rd period: PreAP US History
    4th period: US History
    5th period: PreAP US History
    6th period: US History
    7th period:  planning, copying, printing, collaborating with colleagues, grading....
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. I will respond either by email or with a phone call.