Hello, I am Dr. Mary Joyce Taylor-Talley at Timberwood Middle School. I work closely with the 6th-8th grade teachers to ensure success for the students that are assigned to the ISS Program.
    6th,7th, and 8th
    In School Suspension (ISS) Elective
    Room 620

    The students that are assigned to the ISS program schedule are slightly different from their regular schedules in that we have our own schedule. We begin our day with paper work that has to be completed before we can begin our regular schedule. We begin class around 8:30 and prepare to go home around 3:55. All assignments are required to be completed to earn points. The program works on a point system. Each student has to earn a certain amount of points to receive credit for each day they have been assigned to the ISS program.  These students come from all walks of life, and all they require from teachers is understanding and respect.

    I have to admit, I have a wonderful group of students, and I would not trade my job for any other job. 

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