• Welcome to the Office Professionals web page!

    Office Professionals and paras are encouraged to attend a minimum of sixteen (16) clock hours of professional development annually. Opportunities include workshop sessions presented at campus locations during the regular work calendar, as well as a variety of workshops available outside of the regular work calendar. Campus based employees who complete approved professional development hours outside of their regular work calendar can qualify for compensatory or ‘comp time’ which can be used on specified campus professional growth days noted on the district calendar (up to a maximum of two comp days per year). Hours must be completed before the district designated comp days, and must be equal to the number of hours normally worked for that employee in a day (ex. half time employee must have 8 hours total or two 4 hour days).

    Continued learning and skill development for office professionals continues to be a top priority.  Face to face training, newsletters, and web-based training are just a few of the options available.    

    Again, we would like to thank you for your support and commitment to learning.  We are looking forward to working with you in the upcoming year. 


    The Office Professional Task Force