April Spiller  

    Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR)

    Algebra 2

    New backpacks, new school supplies, new year!! At Summer Creek High School, we are super excited. There are a lot of great things happening around here (including a week off during October). 
    This year, I am teaching Algebra 2 and AQR (Advanced Quantitative Reasoning). Math has always been my favorite subject. 
    Playoffs at Rice University
    If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. I officially have tutoring Tuesday through Thursday after school, but I am also available most Mondays and Fridays after school too. Please note, however, that if you stay on Monday or Friday, you will have to provide your own trasportation because the late busses only run Tuesday through Thursday. 
    Check out my welcome video:
    Google Classroom Codes:
    2nd Period (AQR) - 3y5pepx
    3rd Period (AQR) - 2j6ig4a
    4th Period (Algebra 2) - bv7ezhg
    5th Period (AQR) - cel6ti3
    6th Period (AQR) - pzydtmd
    7th Period (AQR) - dowv5l4
    My Tutoring:

    I have tutorials on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    AQR is a project-based class, and we will be using technology pretty much non-stop. In the past, I have used Google Classroom extensively in all of my classes, but this year I will be trying Schoology. From what I have seen so far, I think it is going to be even better than Google Classroom for communicating, posting notes and assignments and even for completing assignments. Unlike Google Classroom, students do not need a specific code to join the group. They are automatically enrolled if they are on my roster. Students can access this directly through My Humble. Additionally, we will be incorporating other apps and tools in our class such as Flipgrid and Google sites, sheets, forms and docs, just to name a few. 
    Algebra 2 is not a project-based class, but we will still be using technology. We will use Schoology extensively and will occasionally use other programs such as Desmos Graphing. 
    My contact Information:
    Email: april.spiller@humbleisd.net
    Phone: 281-641-5610
    About Me
    My background is engineering. I have a B.S. in Maritime Systems Engineering from Texas A&M and a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Rice University. Before becoming a teacher I worked as an offshore structural engineer designing oil platforms. I grew up in Texas. I went to school in Germany for a while and have my Deutsches Abitur- a German high school diploma, which I earned at the Unversity of Cologne. 
    I joined the Summer Creek family in 2015, and I am continuously impressed by the amount of talent our kids have. Although my academic focus is math, I understand that it is often the extracurricular activities that keep our kids motivated to do well throughout high school. I believe that education isn't just separate subjects that you learn because the state says you have to. True education is knowledge that you can apply to your life long after you have left school. Math is a part of this, but math is also connected to everything else we do. I hope to be able to guide my students in finding the connection between their academic subjects and their other activities. I encourage all of my students to get involved in and around the school. We have a wide range of activities to choose from that don't just include the usuals. We even have an outdoor adventure club this year offering activities like hiking and sailing. My philosophy is that students who are invested in the school beyond the classroom do better in their classes.