• Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics


                 I am very blessed to be a part of an outstanding math team here at RSMS! In my classroom, EVERY student is equally important and has the ability to learn. I look forward to working with both students and parents in order to make this a super exciting and productive school year.

    Diedra Bates
    6th Grade
    Rm 106


    1st:  6th Grade Math On-Level    
    2nd: 6th Grade Math Strategies
    3rd:  Conference
            10:15-11:05 Mon-Thur
            10:42-11:28 Full Friday
    4th:  6th Grade Math On-Level
    5th:  6th Grade Math Strategies
    6th:  Planning 
    7th:  6th Grade Math On-Level
    8th:  6th Grade Math Strategies




    Tutorials are held on Monday: 4:10pm - 5pm