• Welcome to Safety Patrol!
    The Safety Patrol field date has been set, the date is Friday, May 8th.  The students will be leaving for Minute Maid Park by 8:30, the tour starts at 9:30.  Once the tour is done, we will head over to Discovery Green (weather permitting) for a picnic lunch.  We will head back to WCE by 1:30.  Minute Maid Park has allowed for students to bring a water bottle with them on the tour but students CANNOT bring a backpack.  Cameras are allowed on the tour.  Details and permission slips will go home in a couple of months, probably after Spring Break.
    The remainder January schedules and all of February schedules are on the systemThere was an error with the last week of February's schedules.  They have been corrected, I apologize for the mistake.
    Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the cold weather, unless extreme weather arises, students will have duty.
    Please remember you need to be at your duty station by 7:30am, you will finish your afternoon duty by approximately between 3:30 and 3:40pm, depending on the duty that day.
    If you need a substitute, it is your responsibility to find one.  We sent home substitute lists, if you need another one, please email Mrs. Hagest. If you know you are going out of town, please remember to contact us so we will not schedule you that week.  If your student carpools with another student on Safety Patrol and would like both children to be placed on the same week, please contact us immediately.
    If you need to contact us, here are our email addresses.
    Mrs. Hagest's email - kerrie.hagest@humbleisd.net
    Mrs. Dalby's email - jennifer.dalby@humbleisd.net
    (You will hit the "more" button to see the remaining schedules)