Welcome to 1st SIP! 
    Anna Hernandez
    ROOM # 108
    Twitter:  @sra_anna




    Create your own addition and subtraction story problems for family members to solve.


    Write each word and draw a picture illustrating the word.

    Create a Timeline!

    Make a timeline of important events that occurred in the story. Be sure to put them in the correct sequence (beginning, middle, end).


    Have you ever felt so happy that it seemed like you were walking on air? Write about that special time.


    Pretend you are teaching a younger child how to tell time. Create a way (book, poster, etc.) to teach them the different parts of a digital and analog clock.

    Cut & Paste

    Cut letters from newspapers or magazines or write all the letters you need on any kind of paper, cut them out, and paste to make a spelling list.




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