James Robinson

    5th Grade

    Math/Science Teacher

    Room 504



    This is my 2nd year at Deerwood Elementary! Before Deerwood I was at Lakeshore for 6 years.  I'm starting my 4th year as a 5th grade teacher! Previously I worked as a 4th grade teacher. I have a 4 year old boy and a new baby girl that turns 1 in November! I have been married almost 7 years now and am very excited about the upcoming school year!


    Perkin/Robinson Daily Schedule 

    7:30- 8:00        Arrival       
    8:05-9:00        Specials 
    9:00-9:20        Community Time
    9:20-11:10      Instruction
    11:10              Switch Teachers
    11:10 - 12:30 Instruction
    12:30 -1:30     Lunch/Recess
    12:30 - 3:20    Instruction 
     3:20-3:25       Dismissal procedures begin