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  • Ms. Faulconer
    Mathematics-Algebra I
    Room: 2303

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  • All assignments are in Schoology under course content. Please use the Unit Calendars to navigate to specific assignments and homework videos. Please view grades in the HAC system. Do NOT use Schoology to check grades. Use MyHumble to log in.


  • Schedule

    1st - Algebra I
    2nd - Algebra I
    3rd - Algebra I
    4th -  Algebra I
    5th - Algebra I
    6th - Algebra I
    7th - Conference/Team Plan


    Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Tutoring Schedule

  • Tutoring: Tutoring is available with ANY Algebra I Teacher (Rm 2303 -2306). Be sure to sign in when you arrive and out when you leave!

    Morning - 6:45 - 7:15am

    Afternoon - 3:00 - 3:30pm & Learning Lab


  • Expectations:

    • Be in the KNOW! - Tutoring Times, Unit Calendars, Homework Help Videos all on Schoology!
    • Communicate your needs, I'm here to help!
    • Come with a problem-solving mindset! Life happens, come up with solutions!
    • Be accountable, skip the excuses.
    • Build a connection with how this math is valuable to your life; what goals are YOU working towards? What role will math play in your future?


    Grading Norms: 

    Daily Homework = 40% of grade : Homework scores will be graded based on accuracy, so use the homework video found on the QR code on the assignment or embedded in Schoology to guarantee you get at least HALF of every homework assignment correct! Late work is accepted, but has a penalty applied. Late work will be accepted prior to that unit's assessment. Be aware of when an assessment window is about to end.

    Test/Quiz/Projects = 60% of grade : Tests will be similar to STAAR. Remember these grades are your time to show off what you know! Retakes will be available ONLY on specific days, usually within the week following the original test date. See the Unit Calendar on Schoology. Students are responsible for requesting a retest outside of regular class time.  There will only be one retest opportunity for each assessment. A retest can receive a grade up to 70% and will be similar to the original. In order to be eligible to take a retest, students must complete corrections to the original failed test and may be asked to ensure missing work is turned in to ensure adequate practice has taken place.