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Señora Flores de Morales
  • Señora Flores de Morales

    ****New Schedule*******

    period 1   Spanish 2                  Monday/Wednesday     8am                                           

    period 3   Spanish 2                  Monday/Wednesday     10am                

    period 5   Spanish Native 1-2     Monday/Wednesday     12pm               

    period 7   Monday/Wednesday       2pm -- Conference period 

    period 2    Spanish 2                           Tuesday/Thursday      10am 

    period 4    Spanish 2                           Tuesday/Thursday      12pm

    period 6    Spanish Native 3-4 AP         Tuesday/Thursday        2pm

    New contact information:


  •  ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  You will use this website to obtain information regarding this course. Classroom rules and information for your specific class can be found by selecting the tab for your class.


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    Please note that you will be held responsible for any damages made to your assigned classroom textbook.  Thank you.