• Danielle Husband   
    10-12th Grade
    English IV and Strategic Writing
    Room 2606
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    Hi, parents of my eagles! I'm very responsive to emails and am always happy to help or answer questions. 
    Welcome to English IV and Strategic Writing! 
    As a student of both English and Political Science/Public Administration, I have experience with writing for both academic purposes and for the workforce. Before coming to AHS, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master of Arts in English, and Master of Public Administration. After a short stint teaching a reading and writing class as Lamar University, I worked for the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission in Beaumont, TX, as a Planning Technician. As part of my job there, I conducted research, designed surveys, evaluated data, coordinated with a steering committee, and drafted plans, grants, and reports. I hope to bring my work experience into the classroom so that students have a real world application for the reading comprehension and writing skills that we practice in class.  
    Student Survey:
     English IV
    Important Documents for English IV:
    In English IV, we will be studying British Literature this year, focusing on the cultural importance of the works we study. Students will also be developing their writing skills so that they can be successful in college, trade school, and/or the workforce.
    Important Documents for Strategic Writing: 
    In Strategic Writing, students will be learning strategies to help them better develop their writing and reading comprehension skills. This class seeks to empower students by helping them implement the tools that work for them. 
    Please contact me with questions or to schedule tutoring sessions. I want to help you make this year your most successful year of high school!
    English IV Website: 
    1st Period:      Class ID - 13237427     Password - cats1
    2nd Period:    Class ID - 13237447    Password - cats2
    3rd Period:     Class ID - 13237469    Password - cats3
    5th Period:     Class ID - 13237482    Password - cats5
    6th Period:     Class ID - 13237496    Password - cats6
    7th Period:     Class ID - 13237504    Password - cats7 
    English IV Syllabus for the 1st 9 Weeks: Click here for the syllabus
    English IV Syllabus for the 2nd 9 Weeks: Click here for the syllabus
    English IV Syllabus for the 3rd 9 Weeks: 
    English IV Syllabus for the 4th 9 Weeks: 
    Strategic Writing Syllabus for the 1st 9 Weeks: Click here for the syllabus  
    Strategic Writing Syllabus for the 2nd 9 Weeks:  Click here for the syllabus
    Strategic Writing Syllabus for the 3rd 9 Weeks:  
    Strategic Writing Syllabus for the 4th 9 Weeks:  

    Schedule for 2015-2016
    1st Period:       English IV
    2nd Period:     English IV
    3rd Period:     English IV
    4th Period:     Conference
    5th Period:     English IV
    6th Period:     Strategic Writing
    7th Period:     Strategic Writing 

    Tutoring Schedule:
    Monday and Thursday: 2:50-3:20 PM
    Students may schedule tutoring at other times at least one day in advance.