• Mrs. Hill

    Laura Hill



    2022-2023 will be a wonderful year of music. Your students will be engaged and excited about experiencing music class.  Not only will they learn about general concepts of music, but will continue learning to play a variety of classroom instruments, demonstrate their musical knowledge through games and sing their hearts out!   
    In order to ensure safety and to promote an atmosphere of learning, there are things set in place in the music classroom to help students attain that goal.  Beginning on the first day, students are encouraged to sign a social contract for our music classroom, stating they understand the rules and that they aim to follow them to the best of their abilities.  In the event that a student makes a poor choice, the parent will receive communication from me, usually through an email.  
    Students K-2 have "Oops" forms, in which I communicate the poor choice made as well as the student's signature, stating we discussed it.  Students 3 - 5 will complete their own "Think Sheet" in which they explain to their parents the rule broken and how they will change it for next time.  
    For positive reinforcement, students can earn up to two "thumbs up" as a class.  As individuals, students may earn "Percy Points".
    In music, students earn both a participation grade as well as conduct.