• Everything You Need To Know For Panther Camp

    Between August 2nd and Panther Camp:

    Log in to your Home Access Center account and complete the required annual update.  All of the required registration forms (residency questionnaire, migrant worker survey, food allergy form, etc.) are now built in to the annual online update in HAC.  You will not fill out hard copies of these forms.  We will send out an email and a text message as soon as it becomes available on August 2nd.  Instructions are attached.

    Also, on our Panther Camp Documents webpage you will find many other campus specific forms, including PTSA’s membership form, the All Sports Booster Club’s membership form, permission slips for 9th graders for the Day of Service (necessary for ALL 9th graders), etc. These forms must be printed, filled out and brought to Panther Camp. (They will also be listed as attachments below that you can click on)


                            Day of Service Permission Slip

                            Athletic Booster Club Membership

                            PTSA Membership

                           Annual Fund Giving Form

                            Bridges 4-Year Plan


                           Athletic Booster Club Membership

                           PTSA Membership

                           Annual Fund Giving Form         


                            Athletic Booster Club 

                            PTSA Membership

                            Annual Fund Giving Form


                             Project Graduation Donation

                             Athletic Booster Club Membership

                             PTSA Membership

                             Annual Fund Giving Form

     August 6th and 7th:

    When you arrive at Panther Camp, before students or parents can proceed through, we will check 2-3 things.  Without these 2-3 items being complete, you will not be able to go through Panther Camp.

    1.     We will confirm you have completed the online update (instructions attached).

    2.     A copy of a current utility bill must be presentedPlease bring a copy that the school can keep.

    3.     (Class of 2022 Students Only) A copy of the student’s 4-year plan, signed by the parent, must be turned in.  This is a TEA requirement.  It can be printed from your child’s Bridges account at www.bridges.com

    a.      Use humble + student ID for your login with no spaces (i.e. “humble123456”) and just the student ID number for the password (i.e. “123456”).

    b.     Click on “Choices Planner” in the middle of the page.

    c.      Click on green “Your Portfolio” tab at the top of the page.

    d.     Click on “Your Plans” in the middle of the page.

    e.      Click on “Print Course Plan(s)” in the middle of the page.

    f.       There is a place for the parent signature at the top, right corner of the printed plan.

    *Do not make any changes to your Bridges account over the summer*

    Below Is the Panther Camp Schedule.  Please follow the schedule listed below.  Panther Camp will begin on the NORTH end of the building.  When approaching the school on Woodland Hills Drive, please go past the school and park in the far north teacher parking lot and enter through the doors by the computer labs.


    Panther Camp Schedule

    Seniors: Monday, August 6th, 7:30-10:30

    Juniors: Monday, August 6th, 12:30-3:30

    Sophomores: Tuesday, August 7th, 7:30-10:30

    Freshmen: Tuesday, August 7th, 12:30-3:30