Aug. 1st: Seniors 7:30 am - 10:30 am
    Aug. 1st: Juniors 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    Aug. 2nd: Sophomores 7:30 am - 10:30 pm
    Aug. 2nd: Freshmen 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm 
    Requirements for camp:
    1. Complete the Annual Student Update, during the week of July 22.
    2. Provide proof of residency: You may bring in a copy for us to keep or upload during the annual update process.


      What is an Annual Student Update?  Annual Student Update                                               

      This online process is required annually for all current Humble ISD students. It will allow parents and guardians the opportunity to electronically review, update, and sign all documentation for each student in one spot. All parents are required to update their student’s information prior to the start of each school year. 
      NEW Annual Update process for Summer 2019

      During the week of July 22, parents and guardians will be sent to their email address on file a unique SnapCode for each child currently enrolled in Humble ISD.

      A current student is defined as any student that was actively enrolled on the last day of the prior school year in any Humble ISD campus. You are a current student even if you have moved within the Humble ISD boundaries and are attending a new campus in 2019-20 or if you are attending a new school due to promotion (i.e.  moving from 8th grade Middle School to attend 9th grade High School)



    On our Panther Camp Documents webpage you will find many other campus specific forms, including PTSA’s membership form, the All Sports Booster Club’s membership form, permission slips for 9th graders for the Day of Service (necessary for ALL 9th graders), etc. These forms must be printed, filled out and brought to Panther Camp. (They will also be listed as attachments below that you can click on)


                            Day of Service Permission Slip

                            Athletic Booster Club Membership

                            PTSA Membership

                           Annual Fund Giving Form

                            Bridges 4-Year Plan


                           Athletic Booster Club Membership

                           PTSA Membership

                           Annual Fund Giving Form


                            Athletic Booster Club 

                            PTSA Membership

                            Annual Fund Giving Form


                             Project Graduation Donation

                             Athletic Booster Club Membership

                             PTSA Membership

                             Annual Fund Giving Form


     August 1st and 2nd:

    When you arrive at Panther Camp, before students or parents can proceed through, we will check 2-3 things.  Without these 2-3 items being complete, you will not be able to go through Panther Camp.

    1.     We will confirm you have completed the online update (instructions attached).

    2.     A copy of a current utility bill must be presented if it has not been uploaded to your students online update.  

    3.   Class of 2023 Students Only) A copy of the student’s 4-year plan, signed by the parent, must be turned in.  This is a TEA requirement.  It can be printed from your child’s Choices 360 account at www.choices360.com

    a.      Use humble + student ID for your login with no spaces (i.e. “humble123456”) and just the student ID number for the password (i.e. “123456”).

    b.     Click on “High School Planning Tab” to the right of the "Career Planning  Tab"

    c.      Click the "Your Plan of Study Link" 

    d.     Under "Your Current Course Plan", select "My Plan of Study or Basic" link

    e.      Please ensure the plan reflects 9th-12th grade high school courses.

    f.       In the top right corner of your plan, select the "print this " link

    g. There is a place for the parent signature at the top, right corner of the printed plan.  

    h. Please provide a signed parental copy of your child's 4 year plan to Panther Camp on Friday, August 2nd.

    *Do not make any changes to your Choices 360 account over the summer*

    Panther Camp will begin on the NORTH end of the building.  When approaching the school on Woodland Hills Drive, please go past the school and park in the far north teacher parking lot and enter through the doors by the computer labs.