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    Humble El needs your box tops! Box tops can be found on hundreds of products that you buy everyday. This is an easy program to help raise money for your child's school. Each box top that you cut and send us is worth 10 cents. Now that doesn't sound like allot but it really does add up. If friends, family, neighbors, and community help you collect it will add up fast. Just send them into your child's teacher and we will handle the hard work.
    For a list of Box Top Products Click HERE. Thanks for your support.



    How Else Can You Help Us Earn?


    Box Tops for Education:

    1.    Clip - Clip the Box Tops from hundreds of participating products (see attached list), collect them in zip-loc bags marked with your child’s name, grade and teacher's name, and drop it in the marked collection boxes at the front of the school.

    2.    Bonus Offers – Sign-up at boxtops4education.com to read about bonus and sweepstakes offers, print coupons, or find recipes.  Currently, you may enter daily to win 5,000 Box Tops for SFE! Check the website monthly for new bonus promotions!

    •   Grocery stores are currently stocking products containing Bonus Box Tops! Sam’s Club is offering 6 Bonus Box Tops on club-sized products.

    •   Earn 50 Bonus Box Tops by just submitting your grocery store receipts at http://www.boxtops4education.com/scan-receipt.