Get Hooked!

  • Check our progress The RMS Annual Fund is a joint effort between Riverwood Middle School and the Humble ISD Education Foundation to raise funds to help us achieve our academic vision.  With our Annual Fund, we have been able to enhance technology for students and provide updated furniture and flexible seating options in the library and classroom spaces.  Annual Fund gifts have also allowed us to send teachers to professional development opportunities, giving them training they will use that directly benefits our students.  You can read more here about how funds raised have impacted our school.

    Parents, did you know that businesses can also be a part of our RMS Annual Fund?  We love supporting our local businesses and love it when they support us too!  We have developed some incentives that are geared specifically to recognizing these businesses in front of our parent community.  If you own a business or work for one that would like to demonstrate their support of Riverwood, go here to learn how to Get Hooked

    While a portion of the funds raised support PTA activities, our local PTA has other important initiatives that they can only accomplish through membership fees.  So Riverwood parents, we encourage you to do both - support our PTA by becoming a member here AND make a donation to our school's Annual Fund.  It's a two-step approach to ensure excellence remains at Riverwood Middle School!