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    ALGEBRA tutoring on Zoom, NOW THURSDAYS ONLY, 12:30 pm to 1 pm
    or longer if needed                         
    7th grade PreAP tutoring on Zoom, NOW ON TUESDAYS, 12:30 pm to 1pm

    Zoom Meetings Link can be found in Google Classroom. 

    8th Grade Algebra and 7th PreAP Math                      
    Room 611                                                
    Receive class updates from with 'Remind'

    Algebra students and parents:  Text the message @mrjalgebra  to the number    81010 


    7th grade students and parents:  Text the message @mrj7t  to the number    81010 

    Class Schedule:  1st Period     Algebra
                                 2nd Period    Algebra
                                3rd Period     Algebra
                                4th Period     7th Grade PreAP Math
                                5th Period     Algebra
                                6th Period     Conference
                                7th Period     Algebra
    Tutoring:   Monday Afternoon  4:05-5:00 pm
                     Thursday Afternoon  4:05-5:00 pm
    Extra Credit: Desmos Activity Builder Project Link