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    Hello readers, welcome to the Book Club mainpage.

    Here you'll find an updated calendar and surveys on what book we want to read.


    President: Meghan Tharp

    Vice President: Laura Summers

    Secretary: Kevin 

    Mascot: Thairan Khem


     Our Remind is @h487b8 make sure to sign up for it.


    This month we are doing a Secret Santa book exchange. The person you pull out of the hat or cup or whatever will be the person you give a book too. You willalso be given a book. If it takes you over the break to read it go for it. We will also be having an "The Office" themed christmas party. Same rules as the thanksgiving feast, "If you dont bring food you dont eat." See you at our next meeting this thursday in the library whenever it opens. Also YOU HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE BOOKMARK COMPETITION NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS THEY ARE DUE ON THE DAY WE HAVE OUR PARTY. Alright thanks 




     Here is the google form of all of our recipes, check them out: