• Built on the principle that "Attitude is Everything", Summer Creek has been thriving ever since its establishment in 2009. Constructed on the mentality of ex-military background, Trey Kraemer delivered his best to make this the best high school around. Mr. Kramer was able to create a close-knit family environment during the first couple of years of the school being open. From establishing a person to person connection with everyone, he took everyone under his wing to make them the very best.

    After the departure of Mr. Kraemer in 2012, the school's soul didn't go with him. From the school fight song, to the tradition of attitude being the bases of all students and teachers, the school continued to go down the (maroon and gold) yellow brick road to success. With athletics, clubs, and classes all thriving here at the 'creek', we know that in order to attain success, students must emulate their selves in a professional environment by maintaining the highest possible standard for themselves, as well as knowing that attitude alone can take you a long way.

    The positive attitudes and active student life on the campus have continued through the years to make it a very fun and entertaining spot for learning. As a relatively new school, this high school continues to grow into one of the finest campus' around. From the top level academics, to the highest tier of athletics/ clubs, there isn't a better balance anywhere else!