• Sancy Rhodes
    Kindergarten Room:K-3
    Phone Number 281-641-1474
    Conference: 12:35-1:25 


    7:50-8:05      Unpack
    8:05-8:30      Care/Calendar/Lunch count/ attendance...
    8:30-8:45      Shared Reading
    8:45-9:15      Reading Workshop
    9:15-9:30      Interactive Reading
    9:30-9:45      Word Study
    9:45-10:00    Interactive Writing
    10:00-10:30  Recess
    10:30-10:40  Handwriting
    10:45-11:15  Lunch
    11:10-12:05  Writing Workshop
    12:30-1:25    Specials
    1:25-2:00      Math
    2:00-2:15      Science 
    2:15-2:30      Social Studies
    2:30-3:00      Social  Centers
    3:00-3:10       Stack and pack
    3:10               Dismissal                     


    Library is every Tuesday at 8:30. 
    Please have your child bring their
    book in on Monday morning so they
    can check out a new book.


    Fall is here!  Please check the weather every day.  Don't forget that it can be chilly in the building.  The cafeteria is especially cool.  Your student may need a light jacket for indoors when the AC is blowing. Don't forget to LABEL EVERYTHING  Thanks!


    Bulldog Buck Store

    The store is open once each month, usually on a Thursday.  It is open from 7:30-8:00 in the cafeteria.  Please make sure your child arrives to school early on these special days so that they can purchase items with the bucks they've earned.


    Please send a HEALTHY snack with your child ever day.  We prefer one that does not require a spoon.

      Conference Time

    Monday-Friday 12:30-1:25

    Please label all clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, snacks and water bottles with your child's name.

    Your child's red folder includes a calendar which needs to be signed daily.  Please take some time to look over any up coming events on the calendar.  

Last Modified on February 13, 2020