• Course Designations

    Middle school core courses in Humble ISD are offered as on-level or Advanced (ADV). A student's course of study may be a combination of courses with different designations. The student, parent, and school will work together to determine the best combination for each learner.

    On-Level Courses

    These core courses prepare students for college and post-secondary instruction using a variety of teaching strategies, student activities, and assessments. The curriculum requires students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as master the core content.

    Advanced Courses

    Advanced courses are designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for success in college-level coursework in high school and beyond. These advanced courses move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging, and require more independent learning than on-level courses. When selecting advanced courses, it is important to keep the following in mind:

    • Humble ISD's On-Level curriculum is a college-bound curriculum.
    • While Advanced courses are designed to better prepare students for advanced academic coursework, Advanced courses are not a requirement for enrolling in most AP, IB, and dual credit courses.
    • Some AP courses have course prerequisites that must be completed. Check the course catalog for prerequisites.
    • Advanced courses are not "all or nothing." Students may take one or more of their core classes as Advanced level courses.
    • Students develop academic readiness at different rates and may not be ready for Advanced courses at the same time as their friends or classmates.
    • For most courses, it is possible to move from on-level to Advanced sections from one year to the next. In mathematics, it is more difficult due to the acceleration and compacting of the curriculum in 6th and 7th grades. A student who moves from on-level to Advanced mathematics may require additional support in making the transition.

    Advanced Entry Guidelines

    The purpose of the Advanced entry guidelines is to provide information to facilitate placement of students in academically challenging courses.

    1. Humble ISD recognizes the value of student participation in advanced academic coursework and encourages students to graduate from high school with at least one advanced course credit, such as AP or dual credit. Humble ISD has an inclusive enrollment model for AP and Advanced courses that provides support systems for student success. Students are encouraged to access the most rigorous curriculum in which they can be successful, generally defined as earning a C or better semester average.
    2. Advanced courses are designed to challenge students beyond on-level courses and prepare them for success in future advanced-level coursework. Data provided by student performance in related courses and teacher input are important elements for parents and students to consider in selecting advanced coursework.
    3. To participate in Advanced courses, demonstration of mastery on course-related state-mandated performance assessments, including STAAR, is necessary. Students should recognize the long term benefits of participation, seek assistance when needed, and be committed to staying in the course for a minimum of one semester.
      Note: Due to the curricular differences between on-level and Advanced courses and for the benefit of students, entry into an Advanced course from an on-level course is discouraged after the start of the school year. It is recommended that students enter advanced courses only at the beginning of the course. Exceptions must have principal approval.

    Advanced Exit Guidelines

    Exit processes are in place to assist students in making sound course selection decisions. Students and parents must be aware that grades earned in an Advanced course follow the student to the on-level course and will be included in the student's overall course average.

    1. It is expected that students seek assistance when needed to be successful in the course.
    2. Students are expected to remain in the Advanced course at least one full semester.
    3. Students petitioning to exit an Advanced course should meet the following criteria:
      1. Conference with the teacher
      2. Completion of course assignments
      3. Attendance at recommended tutorials

    The decision to exit will be based on input from the teacher, student performance in the course, availability of space in other courses and timing of the request. Students experiencing success (able to maintain a C or better semester average) in the course should remain in the course for the semester.

  • What does this look like on the AMS campus?

    Before a student exits an Advanced course, we want to make sure they are making the decision after academic support has been attempted. By definition, an Advanced class comes with higher expectations which students can attain with appropriate learner behaviors and school support. The district recommends that a "C" average or better in the course is acceptable for a child to remain in the course. Per district policy, before the student can exit the class, he/she must:

    • Seek before/after school tutoring to aid them with the things they need help with;
    • Complete all assignments that are due for the course ( including taking advantage of the re-assessment opportunities available); and
    • Conference with the parents, counselor and/or grade level administrator, and teacher to discuss reasons for possible exit and academic abilities of the child.

    The target is that the child completes one full semester of the course. However, after a parent initiates a possible schedule change out of an Advanced class, and the preceding criteria have taken place, the district requires a three-week monitoring period to make sure this is the best academic move for the child. If the course change is granted by the administrator, the grade for the course will be transferred to the on-level class that the student is moved to.