• AMS Award Criteria


    At the end of each school year, AMS teachers select 2 students per course section (i.e. 6 math classes = 12 award recipients) for "Academic Excellence" in that course. AMS does not dictate what the criteria for "Academic Excellence" entail. AMS teachers are encouraged to give an "Academic Excellence" award to a student based on any of these scenarios:

    • student(s) with one of the highest achieving grades in the class
    • student(s) that add value to the class based on his/her participation and academic contributions
    • student(s) that exhibit a high degree of effort and growth in the course throughout the year

    AMS is blessed with many knowledgeable and hardworking students with supportive parents keeping them accountable for their learning.  AMS knows there are many more deserving students who deserve personal recognition with an award than the actual number of awards distributed to students. That is why we have a blend of accessible awards such as All "A" Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance and selection awards such as "Academic Excellence".

    Lastly, we try to recognize student throughout the year for their academic contributions each grading cycle:

    • All A's & 2 B's (or better) Honor Roll - students receive a privilege card to getting in the lunch line first, drop your lowest formative grade, excuse a tardy, and other privileges; students receive PBIS Tiger Points in their PBIS bank
    • Tiger 10 Card - students who improve at least 10 points or higher in a core subject from one report card grading cycle to another; students receive PBIS Tiger Points in their PBIS bank
    • Tiger of the Quarter - any staff member can nominate any student for their academic, school spirit, or citizenship contributions to AMS. Every student is recognized in a small ceremony with a small treat.


    Special Awards

    Tom Matthews Award

    • Selected by the industrial arts teacher, this student is a role model for others in class. (Named for a former AMS industrial arts teacher)

    Berlin Award of Integrity

    • These students demonstrate integrity in their daily lives, whether they are in class, at an extra-curricular activity, or out in the community.

    American Legion Award

    • Nominated and voted by their teachers, these students are excellent examples of being an American citizen. Their teachers have observed them applying the rules of good citizenship every day.

    Hart Award

    • Nominated by the teachers and chosen by the counselors, these students exhibit caring for their peers and others above and beyond (named for a former AMs counselor, Mrs. Saradel Hart)

    Students of Character Award

    • Nominated and voted by their peers, these students consistently exhibit the pillars of character: fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship, caring, and respect for others.