Second Grade 
    Room Number: 205
    Distant Learning Phone number 713-489-2543
    I'm excited to stay connected with my students and their familes while we all work from our homes. My goal is for students to continue learning new things and to challenge their thinking while in or out of the classroom.
    Please see the 2nd Grade Distance Learning folder to access learning opportunities for students to do at home. You can email, text, or call to communicate and/ or submit additional student work while our campus is closed.
    Distance Learning is new to all of us. Please call or email me, text, call  or send a Remind at any time if you have any questions or concerns. My Distance Learning conference period is from 11:00-12:00pm while working from home. Please choose 2 activites a day to complete and email me a  picture of the completed work. We'll also be doing class meetings and daily work on Zoom. I can't wait to see you all. 
    We can schedule a meeting via telephone or Zoom video conference to address any questions or concerns you may have. If that time does not work for you, please contact me so that we can schedule a meeting time that works with your schedule.
    Please check for updates on the distric website. 
    Ms. Vaughn

    8:05-8:15 Morning Meeting

    8:15-8:25 Phonics Word Study 

    8:25-8:50 Reading Mini Lesson, Interactive Read Aloud or Shared Reading

    8:50-9:50 Independent Reading, Guided Reading, Literacy Workstations

    9:50-10:00 Closing/Wrap Up

    10:00-10:50 Writing

    10:50-11:40 Science

    11:40-12:30 Specials

    12:35-1:05 Lunch

    1:05-1:35 Recess and Restroom Break

    1:35-1:45 Number Talks

    1:45-2:10 Math Mini Lesson

    2:10-2:35 Group or Independent Practice

    2:35-3:10 Guided Math and Math Workstations

    3:10-3:20 Closing/Wrap Up

    3:20 Dismissal