We miss each one of you and we hope you are all healthy and well. As news of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to provide appropriate tools to help you at home with your family.  The document below highlights academic, social/emotional, college and career as well as parent resources to assist you at home. Please know that we are always here to assist you. Seeing one another face to face is ideal, and working with students directly is the best part of our job! That said, we are prepared to start seeing students in-person who are in need of emotional and social support. All students are welcomed to come in to visit with a counselor throughout the school day. 




    Ms. Watkins (6th Grade for 21/22)

    Questions/Concerns to Ms. Watkins


    Mrs. Cavazos (8th Grade for 21/22) 

    Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Cavazos


    Mrs. Simon (7th Grade 21/22) 


    Mrs. Reyna (Lead Counselor)





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  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with ZOOM. This wil be a great platform to use to stay connected with staff at WMS. It's very easy to use. Teachers at WMS will send out ZOOM links weekly for their classes. Be sure to join in weekly!!


  • How To Help Your Child Succeed In Distance Learning                    Image result for virtual school

    Due to school closures to help our community and health care professionals in the goal of containing Coronavirus (COVID-19), Humble ISD Schools will be using distance learning during the weeks of the "Stay At Home order". Below are some tips to help your child succeed and thrive both face to face and in distance learning. During distance learning students experience fewer social distractions, more personal attention, and a much more flexible schedule.

    There are some things that you can do to help your child get the most out of the experience.

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    Give them some motivation

    Motivation is one of the primary things that students need for success in an online school setting. Finding a way to motivate your child can help set them up for success. Depending on your child, this could mean having a goal, setting some sort of target, or providing an incentive. If your child realizes school is important and is willing to invest time and effort, their teachers will work with them to ensure their success.

    Talk to teachers

    It’s important that both you and your child establish and maintain open communication with teachers. re-introduce yourself and make sure that instructors know that they can always contact you with any concerns or important notifications. Also, have your child communicate with their teachers regularly. Establishing a rapport with the teachers will make it easier for your child to reach out later on and ask questions when they have them, which will be crucial to the learning process.

    Make sure that they have a regular work-space

    Working in the dining room one day, the living room another and their bedrooms at other times can throw off a student’s routine. In order for your child to remain attentive, they often need a certain amount of structure, so it’s a good idea to designate a specific area for them to learn in. You can base this on the way that they learn best. If, for instance, your child needs a quiet space to learn and you have a busy house, their room may be the best place. On the other hand, if their bedroom has too many distractions in it, a computer room/office might be a good alternative. Ensure that the space is well lit and comfortable. This way, your child will feel comfortable working from their designated space.

    Teach them good work habits

    Many kids need a little help honing good work habits, so make sure to give them some pointers and be consistent with the standards that you have for them. For example, taking breaks from work is a good idea, but the time should probably be carefully monitored and used to walk around a bit, get some fresh air, grab food or water, etc. It shouldn’t be used to surf the web or play video games; these things can be incredibly distracting and can stretch from an intended five or ten minutes to 45 without them even noticing.