• FCE Staff Directory
     Principal, Jamie Tallent
    Assistant Principal, Tannisha Oyeniyi
     Secretary/BookkeeperCasey Johnson
     Registrar/Attendance, Linda Richard
    Nurse, Tara Hall
    Counselor, Amanda Baba
     Front Office, 281-641-3400
    Attendance, 281-641-3419
    *Calls will not ring through to the classroom throughout the day.  Calls will be forwarded to a voicemail so our teachers can concentrate on providing high quality instruction.  Phone calls will be returned at the end of the day.   
Last Name First Name Title/Dept Email Phone Room
Andre Cynthia Technology Lab Cynthia.Andre@humbleisd.net 3460 608
Andrew Kimberly Librarian Kimberly.Andrew@humbleisd.net 3406 604
Austin Aaron 5th Grade Aaron.Austin@humbleisd.net 3457 505
Baba Amanda Counselor ababa@humbleisd.net 3407 A16
Babwah Hema SPEAK paraeducator Hema.Babwah@humbleisd.net 3473 P7
Barrett Nicole 4th Grade Nicole.Barrett@humbleisd.net 3449 403
Bazron Fynithia 4th Grade Fynithia.Bazron@humbleisd.net 3448 401
Beck Lacey 3rd Grade lbeck@humbleisd.net 3441 301
Berry Shannon Dyslexia Shannon.Berry@humbleisd.net 3495 T1
Boening Kara Dyslexia Kara.Boening@humbleisd.net 3495 T1
Boyle Melissa Pre K Melissa.Boyle@humbleisd.net 3477 LS1
Calloway Amy 3rd Grade Amy.Calloway@humbleisd.net 3439 302
Castro Martha 3rd Grade mlcastro@humbleisd.net 3442 303
Collins Tiffany Life Skills Paraeducator txcollin@humbleisd.net 3476 LS2
Conner Carissa Literacy ALT Carissa.Conner@humbleisd.net 3461 607
Damon Molly 2nd Grade MDamon@humbleisd.net 3428 204
Davenport Matthew Speech mdavenp@humbleisd.net 3426 A17
Dorsett Abina Art Abina.Dorsett@humbleisd.net 3462 609
Edson Kristen Kindergarten Kristen.Edson@humbleisd.net 3469 P1
Fernando Eromi 3rd Grade Donaeromi.fernando@humbleisd.net 3444 306
Flowers Steva 3rd Grade Steva.Flowers@humbleisd.net 3443 305
Foreman Twanna SPEAK paraeducator Tformema@humbleisd.net 3472 P5
Galvan Stephanie Music Stephanie.Galvan@humbleisd.net 3413 704
Garnett Sinead 4th Grade Sgarnet@humbleisd.net 3447 404
Glover Precus IT Precus.Glover@humbleisd.net 3459 WR5