• Name: Mr. Edward Mallou
    Subject: English 1-2
    Room Number: 411

    Email Address: emallou@humbleisd.net

    Phone #: 281-641-7401

    Mr. Mallou

    Welcome to our class!  My courses offer a selection of high school English curriculum covered in all Humble ISD high schools. We learn and practice better writing. We read novels, short stories, and poetry. My classes provide a great deal of individualized assistance to meet student learning needs at ANY academic level. My courses differentiate and evaluate students through project based learning.
    About Me: I am starting my 26th year in public education and I genuinely enjoy what I do. I have teaching certifications in elementary, middle school, and high school. I am trained in special education, ESL, and Gifted and Talented. I have taught general education, pre-advanced placement, and advanced placement. I have successfully taught all general courses of high school English and Social Studies.
    For fun I enjoy all family activities. On a side note, I am ranked the number one player in the World at Plants versus Zombies and a top 10% player at Words with Friends. 
     If you have any questions regarding the course or individual student needs please email me.

    Throughout the year, I will send weekly email updates regarding the course, project dates, in class activities, and student behavior.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at emallou@humbleisd.net if you have any questions or concerns during the year. I look forward to hearing from you.

    The Super Big Calendar on the classroom side wall is always kept current with assignments and their deadlines. I am an active Emailer so please contact me with any concerns or good things being done by your child. Every week I send out eschool notices so make certain the campus registrar and I have an accurate email contact address. I will email you my Unit Planning Guide so you know exactly what your child is doing each day. 
    I work with everyone on an individual basis and I understand emergencies do arise.

    My Schedule

    1st pd    -English 2        
    2nd pd   -English 2
    3rd pd    -Compliance 180  
    4th pd    -English 2  
    5th pd    -English 1   
    6th pd    -English 1  
    7th pd    -English 1