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      Our goal is to ensure the development of 

    effective communication and critical thinking skills 
    that prepare students for post-secondary readiness. 

Welcome to the Secondary ELAR Department

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    Secondary ELAR Department
    James Eggers Instructional Support Center 
    Office of Academics
    4810 Magnolia Cove Drive
    Kingwood, TX 77385
    Phone: 281.641.1070
    Fax: 281-641.8361 


    The Secondary ELAR Department is responsible for the development and monitoring of mandated district ELAR curriculum, assessment, and evidence-based instructional approaches and professional development for Grades 6-12.  The teams offer campus and classroom support and instructional resources to help facilitate the effective implementation of our aligned curriculum and district instructional approaches.  From attending planning meetings, working with new and veteran teachers, to working with Academic Lead teachers and administrators, our staff is available to help teachers and teams develop stronger readers, writers, and critical thinkers in the classroom.  Contact one of our team members with questions. 
     Dr. Leigh
    Melissa M. Leigh, Ed.D.
    Director of Curriculum & Professional Learning
    phoneicon 281.641.8348
    Debbie Perez
    Secondary ELAR Coordinator
    phoneicon 281.641.8334 
              Amber Widmier
              Secondary ELAR Specialist
              email   Amber.Widmier@humble.k12.tx.us 
           Twitter   @Wits_and_Words
     Jennifer Woodall
     Secondary ELAR Specialist
     email   jennifer.woodall@humble.k12.tx.us
            twitter  @jdubisabookworm
     amy temporary
    Michelle Bravo
    Office Professional for English, Language Arts, and Reading
    Office: 281.641.8325 
    Fax: 281.641.8361