• Instructor: Marilyn Scalia
    9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    Subject: College Readiness Study Skills/Credit Recovery
    Room Number: (2303,2304,2406)
    Telephone Number: 281-641-6900
    Email Address: marilyn.scalia@humbleisd.net


    College Readiness/ Study Skills is designed to help students develop effective and advanced skills and strategies with which they can prepare for the transition to high school and college.  Students will utilize their current coursework as the basis for developing more effective study skills, habits, and work ethic. 

    2014-2015 SCHEDULE

    1st Pd-  Study Skills, Rm 2303
    2nd Pd- Study Skills, Rm 2304
    3rd Pd- Study Skills, Rm 2304
    4th Pd- Planning
    5th Pd- Grad Rm 2406
    6th Pd- Study Skills 2303 1st Sem./Grad Rm 2406 2nd Sem
    7th Pd- Grad Rm 2406
    Wednesday, B Lunch, Rm 2406
    Friday, B Lunch, Rm 2406
    Otherwise: By Appointment