Periods of Credit Recovery

    1st Period- Bellnap/Scalia

    2nd Period- Bellnap/Scalia

    3rd Period- Bellnap/Willis

    4th Period- Scalia/Willis

    5th Period- Bellnap/Scalia

    6th Period-Scalia

    7th Period-Scalia

    Dear Students, Parents, Guardians,

    The Credit Recovery Team from KHS would like to welcome you back to the 21-22 spring semester.  We hope all of you are doing well and are ready to recover your credit.

    Credit Recovery is through the Edgenuity Program and this is an individual self-paced program which can be accessed 24/7. The only requirement is having access to the internet. Virtual students for attendance purposes will need to go to myhumbleisd.net and click the icon Edgenuity.  You can use your phone or computer with Edgenuity.  If you have any technology issues or in need of technology, please let us know.

    Seniors: All courses have been loaded in Edgenuity that you will need to pass and complete by May 27th.

    Virtual Learners: expectations for working in Edgenuity are that you work at least 4 hrs a week on your course or courses in Edgenuity. Four hours may seem like a lot, but you will have seven days to get four hours. During the period of your class instead of having a zoom class with us you can log into myhumbleisd.net and click the icon Edgenuity and work on your credit recovery.   Directions are below on how to log in.

    Log in Information for Edgenuity:

    Go to myhumbleisd.net click on the icon Edgenuity or google Edgenuity

    Username: humble the 1st 3 letters of your first name,1st three letters of your last name and the last 4 digits of your KHS ID number.

    Password: Your complete KHS ID number.

    Example:  Username:  humblemarsca3456   Password: 123456

    We will be available to answer any questions between the hours of 7:15 to 3:00 Monday thru Friday in other words a regular school day.  Any email after 3 will be answered the next day.

    We will set up your Parents/Guardians to receive a weekly progress report from Edgenuity.  We will also be sending a progress report to your counselors and AP’s on a weekly basis.

    We will be monitoring your log in sessions on a weekly basis. This tells us when you log in, how long you work, what class you work on and how many assignments you complete each time you log in. Also the session log will give us your daily attendance. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


    The Credit Recovery Team 

    Credit Recovery Teachers

    Marilyn Scalia (mscalia@humbleisd.net)

    Susan Willis (swillis@humbleisd.net)

    Jeff Bellnap (jbellna@humbleisd.net


    Login for Edgenuity

    Google Edgenuity or MyHumble click the Student Edgenuity icon

    Username: humble, 1st three letters of first name, 1st three letters of last name and last 4 digits of ID number

    Password: your complete ID number

    Example:  username: humblemarsca1234           

                     password:  561234        


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