• Mrs. Trigg
    Joylyn Trigg   
    PE Office in the Cafeteria or Under the Pavilion 
    Phone Number 281-641-2309  
    Please feel free to contact me about anything! 
    To keep the body is good health is a duty, otherwise we shall to be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
    All elementary school aged children will participate in a physical education program that will increase physical competence, health-rlated fitness, and self responisbility so that they can establish physical activity as a natural part of life.
    Willow Creek Cardinal's are Kind, Safe Respectful and Responsible.
    The mission of Willow Creek Elementary is to provide each child with a quality education that will create a foundation of life-long learning.
    Are you in 2nd - 5th grade? Do you want to joint the running club??  Check back after October break for more information!