• Information for this week/coming up:    
    No School Monday: This is a student holiday and a staff work day. Please have your child practice and becomes fluent at their Doubles facts, ex: 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, etc. Then quiz them on their Doubles +1 or -1 facts, ex: 4+5, 5+6, 7+8, 9-8, etc. They should solve those by thinking of the doubles facts. Thank you! 
    Headphones: Reminder to have headphones for your child kept inside their backpack. We used them this past week and several students did not have their headphones. 
    Amazon Wishlist: If you can contribute to our classroom with any of these items, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you choose to buy it at the store instead of online, that's perfectly fine! Thank you! 
    CAR RIDER LINE UPDATE: Currently car rider dismissal starts at 3:10pm and ends PROMPTLY at 3:45pm. PLEASE arrive accordingly for pick up.
    Reminder: A friendly reminder as we continue our face to face learning, please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. If they've had a fever, please keep them home until they are 24 hrs symptom free. I know this time of the year brings about many other illnesses such as the flu and cold, so please monitor your child every day. If your family has been exposed to Covid, please inform me and the school. I'd like to keep all our classroom's families healthy and safe, including my own family, to the best of our ability. 
    PTO: Did you know by joining PTO you are putting money directly back into your child’s classrooms? Annual dues are $8 for the entire family.  Join at grovespto.membershiptoolkit.com.
    Scholastic Book Orders: Now more than ever it is so important for your child to have books in the home. Plus our class gets FREE books with every order! Click here to shop online using our class code: MYFJT. The first book order is due by September 28th. I have the online flyer and will hopefully receive the paper order soon. 

    Lunch Menu: September Lunch Menu

    Upcoming Dates:  

    Fri. 9/18- Spirit Night

    Mon. 9/21- Student Holiday

    Fri. 10/2- Superhero Day

    Specials this week: 
     Monday No school
    Tuesday Music
     Wednesday    PE
    Thursday Art
    Friday Tech


    As we continue to learn how reading, math, and writing workshops run and review many skills in order to move forward with the curriculum, I am currently assessing each student across several different 2nd grade assessments (High Frequency Words, Independent Reading Level, BAS Fluency, Word Study Inventory, Math Screener and Unit Checkpoints). Having this data for each individual student will then allow me to differentiate further in small groups, and relay this information to you for extra support from home. Thank you for being patient as I continue to gather this information, it takes time and individual attention. I look forward to sharing your child's data with you in October for parent conferences (I have not been given exact dates on this yet).

    Science/Social Studies: Types of Communities 

    Math: We are diving into more efficient strategies when adding and subtracting. We will also look at using a number line. 

    Reading: Reading is Thinking! We are moving into Inference. How can we use the author's text and our schema to infer what the author didn't say?

    Writing: After brainstorming ideas for our Personal Narratives, we are ready to choose an idea and zoom in on that small moment. We will then begin organizing our thoughts into a beginning, middle, and end. 

    Word Study/Patterns of Power: I am currently assessing each student with the second grade high frequency word lists. As a class, we are reviewing blends, digraphs, vowel teams, and r-controlled vowels.