• Information for this week/coming up:   
    Groves Pep Rally: Our pep rally for students will be on Monday. Returning to Groves students, wear your Groves House color! New to Groves students, including myself, will find out their House during the pep rally. How exciting! From then on, every Monday your kiddo can wear their house color. 
    Poetry Cafe: Our class has worked hard on creating wonderful poems during our poetry unit. It's almost time to wrap it up and what better way than to have a Poetry Cafe. Please consider donating items to our class by signing up via this link, this will make Friday so much more special! Students can wear all black or dress nice, and expeirence a poetry slam while snacking. Please bring in items by Thursday, those who sign up for donuts, please bring them in on Friday. 
    Math Homework: Week 3: Base Ten Review
    Reading September Challenge: Happy Reading! Due September 27th. 
    Calling All Father Figures: Please read this link. You are invited for a special pizza night to learn about Watch D.O.G.S.. My previous campus had this and it was awesome to see Dads helping out in the classroom and around the school! 
    Stuff Out Cancer: Please bring a NEW Stuffed Animal and drop it off at the designated drop off spot in your school until Sept.30th.  Please help me put smiles on the faces of the children battling pediatric cancer and bring them some snuggly comfort! View this link for more info. 
    GT Referral: The window closes on Sept. 25th for GT referrals. Parents who are referring must do so online via the district on this link
    Scholastic Book Orders: Online orders due by Sept. 27th. Click here to shop online using our class code: MYFJT
    Click here to view my page for more information about Scholastics and how it helps our classroom library!

    September Lunch Menu

    Upcoming Dates:
    Sept. 23- Elementary Holiday/Staff Workday
    Oct 1- Spirit Night at Spring Creek Barbecue
    Oct 25- Monster Mash
    Nov 9- Veteran's Day Color Run
    Nov 11-Veteran's Day Breakfast
    Specials this week: 
      Hernandez Specials 
     Monday Music
    Tuesday PE1
     Wednesday    Art
    Thursday Tech
    Friday PE2


    Weekly Goal: We have started working on weekly goals and discussing them during our morning meetings. So far our goals have been Self Control and Being Helpful. This week, we are focusing on taking personal responsibility to follow directions and keeping expectations to ensure we have the best possible learning environment. I would appreciate that you talk over these expectations with your child. A portion of the class is still having a challnege with transitioning quickly, being on topic during partner talk and listening to others when they are talking. The reminders have been disrupting our learning and overall feeling of excellence in the classroom. This week I will be intentionally rewarding those who are striving to make good choices through dojo points and those who are not making good choices will be writing notes home. The notes need to be signed and returned the following day. Please note that if your child writes a note home, it is only for dialogue to problem solve for a solution. I appreciate your support at home in order to help our classroom be a place of learning, respect, and fun! 

    Math: Students will go over subtraction facts and learn to use effective strategies with subtracting. Review the difference between take away (removal) strategy and find the difference (comparison) strategy. 

    Reading/Social Studies: We will begin looking at poetry and discussing how poet's view the world, use descriptive language to create imagery, and figurative language. We will be looking at artists and writers who use their words and drawings to conveys messages about the world i.e. Langston Hughes, Phillis Whitney, Carmen DeLa Garza, etc. Also focusing on What Makes a Hero? Unit. 

    Writing: Students will be revising/editing poetry in order to publish for their poetry cafe/

    Word Study: Recognize and Use Word Parts to Solve and Unknown Words and Understand Its Meaning; Dictionary basics