• Information for this week/coming up:   
    Groves House: Don't forget to wear your Groves' house colors on Mondays!
    Veteran's Day Celebration: Wear red, white, or blue on Monday!  November 11th at 8:05 will be our Veterans day celebration with our Groves choir preforming. All veterans connected to Groves students are invited to attend a brief Veteran's Day program. We thank you for your service. 
    Tuesday: Pajama day in class! To make up for missing our PJ day and to work on lengthening our independent reading stamina, students can wear pajamas and get cozy!
    Operation Christmas Child: Last Friday your kiddo went home with a letter! This is the next step for our Operation Christmas Child service project.Feel free to look online for more information.  Students got into groups, have picked the age range and gender, and then decided on the type of gift by picking categories. The letter is now where you come in! Your kiddo needs to ask you for a chore so they can earn at least $1-2. Their gift is something that can be picked out from the dollar store and is in accordance to what category they have. All gifts are due by Tuesday so they can collect the items and put them together with their group’s box. They are so excited for the chance to help a child during the holidays! Let me know if you have any questions. ??
    I am purchasing the shipping labels so we can track where in the world our 5 boxes go. Each shipping label is $9, if you would like to donate to help with costs, I won’t Not accept! ?? 
    Spelling Bee: An email was sent weeks ago in regards to spelling bee information. We will have the in class first process on Thursday for those who want to participate!
    Yearbook: Presale info will go home on Monday. The Groves Cover Contest form will go home on Monday. Here is the form in case your child misplaces it and wants to enter the contest. Cover forms are due on Friday, the 15th. 
    Scholastic Book Orders: I have not received the book flyers since I've changed my campus online. I am hopintg I receive them this month. Either way, ordering online is the easiest way to pay. If you want to purchase books for your child for Christmas, let me know and I can send home the order in a covered bag. Online orders due by Nov.29th. Click here to shop online using our class code: MYFJT
    Click here to view my page for more information about Scholastics and how it helps our classroom library!
    Math Homework: Math Reflex is available for students to log on to from home. Students have their login in class and will write them down inside their blue folders this week. New homework will be due on Friday. Dojo points are given for completion. This week's homework: Skip Counting & More
    November Reading Challenge: The kids loved the last challenge, here's a new one for this month. Please send me pics you take of your kiddo enjoying it! Happy Reading! Due December 2nd. 

    November Lunch Menu  

    Upcoming Dates:

    Nov 11-Veteran's Day Breakfast and program
    Nov 22nd- 3rd grade Thanksgiving Feast from 12:40-1:20
    Dec 13- Jingle Jog
    Specials this week: 
      Hernandez Specials 
     Monday PE1
    Tuesday Art
     Wednesday    Tech
    Thursday PE2
    Friday Library


    Weekly Goal:  

    PBL/Science: Students will come to the conclusion that there is no place like Earth and we must protect it! Which will kick start the second stage of our PBL and how we can sustain our planet. We will start looking into some of Earth's problem areas such as sea life, global warming, deforstation, farming, and other natural resources. 

    Math: Students will intepret products of whole numbers, solve mulitplication problems with products to 11 involving situations of equal groups and arrays. Use and explain additive strategies to demonstrate an understanding of multiplication. Multiply using the commutative property. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 

    Reading: Nonfiction: Informational, Author’s purpose and perspective, text features, text structure. Why did the author choose to write this article? How did use text features to share this information? 

    Writing: We are moving towards research and expository writing. Students will be working on researching sustainability on other planets and the importance of vital resources on our planet. This will then tie into their expository writing using text features to share their knowledge of the solar system. We will also touch on letter writing focusing on the componets of letter writing: date, greeting, body, closing, signature. 

    Word Study: Compound words, short vowel and long vowel use of -y-