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    Child Development: This Course addresses knowledge and skills related to child growth and development from prenatal through school-age children, equipping students with child development skills.
    Principles of Education and Training: This course is designed to introduce learners to the various careers available within the education and training career cluster.
    Fashion Marketing: This course will investigate how the marketing knowledge of the various business functions in the fashion industry.
    Advertising: This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of advertising.
    Social Media Marketing: Is designed to look at the rise of Social Media and hwo marketers are intergrating social media tolls in their overall marketing strategy. 
    Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Will provide students with a through understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports and entertainment.
    TAFE Club (Texas Association of Future Educators: Do you want to be a teacher or have you ever thought of being a teacher? Then Join TAFE! Anyone can join Monday B Block in 4704 
    Fashion Design Club: Do you love Fashion and Design? Join us to learn more about our amazing club! Any one can join. Thursdays B Block
  • 1st  - Child Development
    2nd - Principles of Education and Training
    3rd -  Fashion Marketing / Advertising
    4th -  Conference
    5th -  Child Development
    6th -  Fashion Marketing / Advertising
    7th  - Social Media Marketing / Sports and Entertainment Marketing
    Tutoring Times
    Monday A Block Lunch
    Thursday A Block Lunch
    Club Times
    TAFE Monday B  Block Lunch
    Fashion Design Thursday B Block Lunch