• Sra. Amat-Baralt, M.A.
    AP Spanish Teacher 
    Spanish National Honor Society Sponsor
    Linguistic Club Sponsor


    Bitmoji ImageWelcome to 2021-2022 school year! I´m excited to begin this new school year with you!
     All the course information and resources will be located in Schoology.
    Students will also receive a copy of the Syllabus during our first class, Aug. 10.  
    If you are taking SPANISH 4 AP, you will be also using TEMAS en línea, and MyAPClassroom. Spanish 5 AP must also register for MyAPClassroom. Information will be shared during 1st week of school. 

                                  Sra. Amat-Baralt





  • Daily Schedule:  

    Period   1        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 
    Peridod 2        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 
    Peridod 3        Español 5 AP (Literatura & Cultura)
    Peridod 4        Conference
    Peridod 5        Español 4 AP/Dual Credit
    Peridod 6        Español 4 AP/Dual Credit
    Peridod 7        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 


     Salón: 4302 
     E-mail: mamatba@humbleisd.net
     Tutoría: Mon/ Thurs   B lunch 
     SNHS meetings: Tues. B lunch 
     Linguistic Club Meetings: Fri B lunch
     Teléfono: 281-641-6961 

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