• Jordan Perucca
    7th Grade
    Texas History/Dance
    Room 408

    Howdy!  Welcome to my webpage.  Please refer to Schoology for all information.
    Textbook Link: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
    Schoology Link: humble.schoology.com
    Textbook Request Link: https://forms.gle/f4fLQgBtjnT3Bfy18
    1st period:  Conference
    2nd period: Dance 1
    3rd period:  Dance 2/3
    4th period:  Dance 2/3
    5th period:  PreAP Texas History
    6th period:  PreAP Texas History
    7th period:  PreAP Texas History
    Tutoring Times

    Monday AM 7:50-8:15

    Thursday PM 4:05-4:45