• Name: Michael Yoder
    Grade: 9
    Subject / Department: Special Education/ Athletics
    Telephone Number: Floater
    Email Address: michael.yoder@humbleisd.net 
    Schedule: 1st Period- Biology Co-Teach (Mr. Yuchs)
                   2nd Period- Biology Co-Teach (Mr. Yuchs)
                   3rd Period- Biology Co-Teach (Coach Dunson)
                   4th Period- Biology Co-Teach (Ms. Diosdado)
                   5th Period- Athletics
                   6th Period- Biology Co-Teach (Coach Dunson)
                   7th Period- Conference Period
    Links to Co-Teachers Websites: Mr. Yuchs- https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/15892 
                                                           Coach Dunson- https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/15299
                                                           Ms. Diosdado- https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/13729
    Classroom Management Plan:

    PHILOSOPHY: I believe that a student that comes to class prepared (appropriate supplies and work done) is best prepared to learn.  I also believe that a structured class room is the best place for a student to learn.


    CLASS CONDUCT EXPECTATIONS:  Students will come to class prepared to learn (this includes all homework and supplies).  Students will be respectful of anyone who has the floor to speak at that time.  This includes me, another student, and visitors to our classroom.  I expect each student to adhere to ALL campus and district guidelines.  This starts at the classroom door, students will not be allowed in class without their ID around their neck or if I think they might be out of dress code. 


    When you enter the class, follow the directions on the board/overhead and begin the warm-up.  This will allow us to begin class in a more efficient manner.  Students will have assigned seats and must remain in those seats unless given permission to change.  We will be working independently and in groups throughout the year.  If we are working independently, this means that the only talking that should happen is if you are asking me a question.  Group work will be done in groups of your choice or my choice and this will change day to day and assignment to assignment.  If we are working in groups, EVERYONE in the group is expected to show each other respect and contribute positively to the assignment.


    We will work to the bell every day.  I will dismiss you at the end of the period, I will not hold you past the bell, but I may need to give you further instructions at the end of the period.  When you leave my class, please pick up all of your belongings and push the chair in.


    NO food or drinks are allowed in class, this includes gum and candy.  Bottled water is allowed.


    DISCIPLINE PLAN:  Failure to comply with the expectations of class will result in a verbal warning, once you have received more than 1 verbal warning per day, I will contact your parent/guardian.  If the behavior persists, a referral to your house AP will be issued.  At times, there are issues that result in an immediate referral and your parent/guardian will be contacted at that time.


    A violation to the electronic device policy will result in a verbal warning.  The 2nd time a student violates this policy, a referral will be written to their house AP.


    LATE WORK:  Student work is due for full credit on the specified day.  I will allow for as much time in class as possible for students to complete their work.  If work is late (summative and formative), 20 points will be deducted from the grade for each day that it is late.  NO late work will be accepted after the 5th day.  If a student has missed a lab activity, it is up to them to make up the activity within 1 week of returning to school, this may require attending tutoring more than 1 day.


    MAKE-UP WORK:  It is the student’s responsibility to get their make-up work.  The make-up is in a red accordion file attached to the wall as the students walk in the classroom. Students will pull the work from the appropriate day(s) that they have missed.  If the student has missed notes, they can either come to tutoring to go over the missing notes or get them from another student outside of class.  You will be given one day for each day you’ve missed to make up any work that you’ve missed due to an “excused” absence.


    FIELD TRIPS / SCHOOL RELATED ABSENCES:  We will not be taking any field trips in class this year.  However, if a student does have to miss my class for a field trip or a school related activity, it is their responsibility to get the work that they missed.  It is a good practice to try and get that work before the absence occurs. 


    TEST FAILURE POLICY:  Grades will be entered within 2 days of the test being taken.  If a student has failed a test and would like to retake the test (once per 9 weeks), they must have all of the work for that unit done BEFORE the initial test as well as attend a tutoring session before they will be allowed to take the test.  At the tutoring session, we will go over what the student specifically had problems with on the test and schedule the retake.  I adhere to the district policy for retesting and average the original test and the retake together for the grade.  Please understand that reassessment may not be available for the last summative of the 9 weeks due to time constraints.



    STUDENT WORK:  Students are expected to complete their work in the time allotted and turn it in in a timely manner.  This includes showing all the steps and “the work”.  Science is a class that the process is just as important as the answer.  This is especially true if you get a question wrong, by showing the work, I can figure out where the mistake was made.


    CHEATING/COPYING:  If you are caught cheating, your parents will be notified, you will receive a “zero” grade that cannot be dropped, and a discipline referral will be submitted to your house AP.



    ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN THE CLASSROOM:  NO electronic devices will be allowed in my classroom.  This classroom is considered a “red” zone.  You will be given 1 verbal warning for an electronic device, after that, you will be given a referral to your house AP.


    HALL/RESTROOM PASSES:  No passes will be issued during the first or last 10 minutes of instruction.  Only one person will be allowed out of the room at a time.  You must have a hall pass in order to leave.  If you don’t, you will be considered as skipping class and assigned an absence/truancy. 


    ANNOUNCEMENTS/SAFETY DRILLS:  All students will be quiet and respectful during announcements.

    For Fire Drills we will go out the designated exit of the building and move to the back of the parking lot.  You are expected to stay together as a class and not run off to see your friends.  If you take too long coming back to class, you will be counted tardy (or absent).  During Weather Drills, follow all teacher directions.  For LOCK DOWNS, follow all teacher directions.