• Welcome to U.S. History Since 1877. Our content in this class will focus on the political, economic and social events which shape who we are as a nation today. My intention is to make this topic relevant to you and to help you gain the knowledge in order to participate in our democracy. My class operates on the principle of "Respect" for one another and the "Golden Rule"


    Welcome to World History Modern (WHAP). This is the High School two semester college survey class designed to cover World History since 1200 and to prepare you to receive credit on the College Board Exam in May. 

Schedule & Tutoring

  • Dear Students,

    Meet me on Zoom on Tuesday and Wednesday I will be sharing those codes on Monday. As well as directing your parents to the upcoming Schoology distance Learning Platform. You may also find your Zoom Links in Schoology-Log On Through My Humble Ap.

    Schedule for Next Two Weeks:

    Tuesday/Thursday: Periods-1,3,5,7 Coresponding Times: 8,9,10 and 11 A.M.

    Wednesday/Thursday: Periods 2,4,6 Coresponding Times: 8,9,10 A.M.


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