Coach Lowe

Thomas Lowe

  • Credit Recovery


Schedule & Tutoring

  • 1st period:  Credit Recovery

    2nd period: Credit Recovery

    3rd period: Credit Recovery

    4th period: Credit Recovery

    5th period: Freshman Tennis/Conference 

    6th period: JV tennis     

    7th period: Varsity Tennis     



Classroom Expectations

  • 1.  Students should be in class room when the tardy bell rings.

    2.  Students will remain on task and will be engaged in class activities during the entire class period.  

    3.  Sit in your assigned seat during the entire class period.

    4.  You may not stay after class to finish a quiz or test.  A teacher may not give you permission to be late to    another teacher's class.

    5.  Listen and don't talk while the teacher is speaking.

    6.  Use appropriate language and conversation within the classroom.

    7.  Respect your classmates and your teacher.  Respect for yourself.