• Atascocita High School

    Marine Corps JROTC


    MGySgt Daniel Fleming


    "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!"

  • MGuns

              Master Guns Weekly Schedule (starting Tuesday, August 10th)

                                      This is for Face-2-Face students only!  

                                                 Monday - Friday

    1st Period:  7:25 am - 8:08 am         /       Conference 

    2nd Period: 8:20 am - 9:03 am         /       LE II Sophomores  

    3rd Period:  9:15 am - 10:00 am       /       LE II Sophomores      

    4th Period:  10:12 am - 10:55 am     /       LE II Sophomores

    5th Period:  11:07 am - 1:04 pm       /       LE I Freshmen

                        12:36 pm - 1:04 pm       /       "D" Lunch

    6th Period:  1:13 pm - 1:56 pm         /       LE I Freshmen

    7th Period:  2:08 pm - 2:52 pm         /       LE I Freshmen


    All Virtual students - check my lesson plan calendar and log in to Schoology daily.

                                                                  There are NO days off!

    If it is not your day to physically be in the classroom then there will be an assignment for you in Schoology.      

                                                          Virtual Students

    1) You are expected to log into Schoology and do the assignment everyday!

    2) You have until 11:59 pm to do the assignment (not just log in).  Failure to do so will reflect as an absent.

    3) You are responsible for your learning - if you have questions then communicate with me.

    4) I will be conducting "Helping Sessions" for virtual students on:

        Monday / Tuesday / Thursday from 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

        Check your school email and Schoology for the unique Zoom link associated with these sessions.


    School Email: daniel.fleming@humbleisd.net

    Classroom: #1503 (in the athletic hallway)

  •                              Classroom Policies 

    • Attendance: Will be monitored via eTAC and Schoology (for virtual students)
    • Engagement: Will be monitored in the classsroom and via assignment completion in Schoology
    • Grades: Will be posted in eTAC and Schoology
    • Assignments: Will be published and submitted through Schoology (for all students)

                                            Classroom Expectations 

    • Be prompt: Be on time to class and in an assigned seat (before tardy bell rings).
    • Be respectful: 
      • Review the JROTC Schoology digital citizenship policy letter
      • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself - no horseplay!
      • Stay in your assigned seat.
      • No talking, while I am talking!
      • Respect yourself and others (this includes materials).
      • There will be no eating or drinking (except water) in this classroom. 
    • Be prepared: Come prepared to learn! Have ALL materials with you and ready to go.
    • Be positive: Have a positive and collaborative attitude!
    • Be productive:
      • Always behave as a young adult; you are responsible for your learning.
      • Follow ALL classroom procedures!