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    Mrs. Tabetha Deutsch M.A.TPillar of Bio

    Lead PreAP Biology Teacher -Gold House 1

    AP Biology


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    Link to PreAP class website: deutschbio.weebly.com   

    Link to AP Class Website: deutschapbio.weebly.com 

    We will utilize a class website to ensure your success in my classroom. It has notes, tutorial help, study guides, projects, games, video clips, extra credit, etc. It is protected from the public due to copyright concerns.



    PreAP McGraw Hill Biology Online Text Book on a computer:

    Website: connected.mcgraw-hill.com

    Username: hisd+ your first 3 letters of first name and first 3 letters of last name and last 4 of your student ID (example: hisdtabdeu1234)

    Password: your school computer password (novell)

    Biology Online textbook on a Mobile device:

    Step 1: download the App to your cell phone or tablet search for "ConnectED" by McGraw/Hill in the app store
    Step 2: Username= hisd+ your first 3 of first name, first 3 of last name, + your last 4 of student ID : hisdtabdeu1234
    Step 3: Password= your school computer password (novell)


    Course Description:

    This course covers the fundamental biological concepts with a blend of biological principles and applications designed to clearly connect Biology to everyday life. Complete comprehensive coverage includes material on photosynthesis, respiration, protein synthesis, viruses, and the human organism. Biology is a course in which we will utilize a variety of labs, projects, problem-based learning assignments, and other group and individual activities to learn about the world around us.


    Materials Needed for AP and PreAP Classes:

    2” Binder        Line Paper         composition notebook or folder (Lab or Activity)      small index cards

    Highlighters for exams        #2 Pencils and a red pen          Colored pencils (for labeling)            Dry erase marker      

    Pencil pouch to keep all materials in one place

    -Please bring these items for the whole class: Box of Kleenex and Sanitizer Wipes

    Each Unit - PreAP Late Assignments 

     I do not take ASSIGNED homework assignments past the due date because these assignment answers have been discussed with students that come to tutorials or have been given in class the next day for immediate feedback.

    Students have the opportunity to make up those points based on HumbleISD late work policy (up to 4 days) No assignments will be accepted after this allotted time. 

    Directions: Be sure to use the electronic textbook provided by the school to complete below late assignments. You will complete these with the CURRENT assigned chapter unit. No late assignment will receive more than 80 points (minus any points for incorrect answers will be deducted from that total) You must title each late assignment with the original assignment title and the “1,2,3…. times late” with your full name, date, and period.

     1st time late

    For EACH section of the unit chapter we are currently studying you will complete each “Review it.” It must be answered in complete sentences.

     2nd time late

    At the end of the current chapter you will copy the “Chapter Study Guide” verbatim. You will also define each vocabulary word of the chapter study guide.

     3rd time late

    You will complete the end of chapter “Assessments” for all of the sections of the chapter. Answer in complete sentences where appropriate. Multiple Choice questions must have the answers written out completely. Be sure to include “thinking critically” and “constructed response” questions.

     4th time late

    You will write a 300-word essay that incorporates all the vocabulary for the chapter in context. Be sure to underline each vocabulary word.

    5th time late

    Complete the “Summative Assessment” at the end of the current unit chapter.

     6th time late

    Complete the entire “Biology Review” at the end of the current chapter. You must write out the answers completely. Use complete sentences where appropriate.

    7th time late

    You will complete a chapter outline. Underline each bold heading of the chapter and state at least three facts from each heading, 2 questions you have about the heading, and 1

     8th time late

    You will write a summative essay (100 words) paraphrasing the important information for EACH section of the current unit chapter.


    Course Philosophy and Goals:

    Our mission is to engage ourselves in exciting, powerful learning experiences that will allow us to become active leaders in our community, critical thinkers, and life-long learners. In order to achieve this overall goal, we must work together to successfully master the following objectives in Biology:

    · All students will develop problem-solving, decision-making, and inquiry skills, reflected by formulating questions and hypotheses, planning experiments, conducting experiments, conducting observations, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results.

    · All students will develop an understanding of how people of various cultures have contributed to the advancement of science and technology, and how major discoveries and events have advanced science and technology.

    · All students will integrate mathematics as a tool for problem-solving in science, and as a means of expressing and/or modeling scientific theories.

    · All students will understand the interrelationships between science and technology and develop a conceptual understanding of the nature and process of technology.

    · All students will gain an understanding of the structure, characteristics, and basic needs of organisms and will investigate the diversity of life. This includes developing an understanding of matter, energy, organization in living things, diversity, biological evolution, reproduction, and heredity.



    1st Period: PreAP Biology

    2nd Period: Prep Period

    3rd Period: PreAP Biology

    4th Period AP Biology

    5th Period:Pre-AP Biology

    6th Period: AP Biology

    7th Period: Pre-AP Biology



    Official Tutoring Time:

    Tues. 2:50-3:20

    Fri 6:45 am-7:15am


    *Please inform Mrs. Deutsch ahead of time when you are coming so she is fully prepared to assist you.

    *Additional times of the week can be utilized by going to other biology teachers tutorials. This is also encouraged so students gain a different perspective.