• Wachel

    Jennifer Wachel
    Room 903
    6th and 7th/8th Grade PE & 7th/8th Grade Girls Athletics


    2018-2019 Schedule:
    1st Period (8:30-9:20) 7th Grade Athletics
    2nd Period (9:24-10:14) 6th Grade PE
    3rd Period (10:18-11:08) 6th Grade PE
    4th Period (11:12-12:38) Lunch Duty 
    5th Period (1:22-2:12) Conference
    6th Period (2:16-3:06) 7th/8th Grade PE
    7th Period (3:10-4:00) 8th Grade Athletics


    This week's unit: Introduction (First day to dress out for 6th grade- Thursday, January 10 & 7th grade- Friday, January 11)



    "Enter to learn, leave to achieve! Plan. Prepare. Succeed."