Laura Schneider
  • Ms. Schneider
    Speak Social/Social Skills 6th 7th and 8th
    Room #805
    Daily Schedule
    8:30-9:06 Advisory
    9:10-10:00 1st period SPEAK Social
    10:04-10:54 2nd period Social Skills
    10:58-11:28 Lunch
    11:32-12:23 3rd period SPEAK Social
    12:27-1:18 4th period SPEAK Social
    1:22-2:12 5th Period SPEAK Social
    2:16-3:06 6th Period SPEAK Social/Ms. Mooring Schneider's conference
    3:10-4:00 7th Period SPEAK Social
    Tutoring 8:00-8:30 daily
    All course information will be hosted in Schoology.  
    Rethink Ed access for Social Skills is available for parents upon request!