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     Erin Allison, Music Specialist


    This is my third full year here at SWE as Music Specialist. I joined the campus in January of 2020 after teaching middle school band for several years. Since I've been at SWE, I've enjoyed teaching our Stars all facets of music including rhyhtm, folk dancing, solfege, instruments and of course, singing!

    My hobbies include reading lots of books and working out. I LOVE COFFEE and dark dark chocolate! I have three boys, who range from age 9 to 15 (they certainly keep me busy outside of the music room), a wonderful husband who teaches high school band, and two dogs who are named after Star Wars.

     I am so excited to begin this year and know we are going to make the BEST music together, all while learning to be good people and good members of our community.


    Email me!  ---> Mrs. Allison 

    I respond to email very quickly; if you haven't heard from me within 24 hours, please re-send it because I didn't get it!

     Music Room phone: 281-641-3089