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    Email Sent to Pantherette Candidate Parents 3.30.29 - Click Link

    ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT TRYOUTS posted 3.29.22 7:22 PM

    The 1st PAYMENT for EXPENSES had to be MOVED up to APRIL 1st. 

    To be able to place any orders or camp expenses, etc, all money must be collected and POs placed by April 4th.  The district has moved up their dates and nothing can be ordered, etc.  after these dates.  Please once you know if your child is on the team, make this payment on Aprils 1st on Revtrak.   I will link it here once it is ready to post.  I sent out an email in regards to this and a link to it is at the top of this page.

    Please take care of this, If you have not paid the $10 tryout fee -linked here in Red  RevtrakThe TRYOUT DANCE IS POSTED

    The original tryout dance is posted in the same place on this webpage about midway down this page. However, we have made some modifications on the Pom Section (the first portion of the tryout dance), I have also broken up each section of the dance (pom, hip hop, jazz) for easier accessibility. 

    The videos for what I posted today, are right below & a slowed down version of the tryout music.

    MUSIC LINK - slower version of the music

    Pom Change Video 1 Back View

    Pom Change Video 2 w/Music & Counts Back View

    HIP HOP with Counts

    HIP HOP with Music & Counts & Transition change into the JAZZ

    Jazz Instructional Video with Counts - Back View 

    Jazz Video with Music & Counts - Front View

    Jazz Video with Counts - Shortened Version of the Jazz




    Pantherette Dance Team Tryouts

    March 28th - April 1st, 2022


    Open to all Current 5th-7th Grade

    Required Parent Information Zoom Meeting - Monday, March 21, 2022 @ 6:30 PM

    All Applications, Pg 13 of Handbook & Physicals

    Due March 25th Friday

    Note:  There have been some technical issues getting information out to you... I apologize for any inconvenience.

    What is Due Prior to Tryouts by March 25th, Friday

        (items listed below are linked for easy access)

    • All  Applications Electronically Turned In (Team, Military Officer, Social Officer, Manager)


    • Military Officer Requirements (click here) & Notebook Turned In 
      • March 22-25 - II will interview during class, and looking at your 1 minute solo, and the 2-8's you will be teaching the candidates.
      • March 23rd Solos will be looked at & 2-8's Presented - we will start in class if there is time.
      • 5th Grade Applicants - On Wed Afternoon - March 23rd - Make plans to come to the school on this afternoon and stay after school. 4-5:30
        • I will also do 5th Grade Interviews on this Day 


    • Social Officer Requirements (click here) & Notebook Turned In
      • Photo of Poster & Candy Gram submitted by 4:30 PM 3.25.22 Friday by email to director
      • Submit Answers to Questions at the bottom of the Social Officer Requirement Form to the director by email and copy in your parent/guardian


    • Manager Requirements (click here)
      • Submit by email March 25th, Friday - a paragraph - click on link to see the topic
      • Print, Sign, Submit by March 25 Fri
          • Parent & Student Signature for the Pantherette Manager Tryouts, Requirements, and Expectations 2022-2023 
          • Are expected to attend every day of tryouts except Thursday -
          • Candidates are to report to the director after school each day



    • All Applicants turn in a Physical Completed on both sides


    • $10 Tryout Fee Paid On School Store - Revtrak - TMS - Pantherettes -
      • If only trying out for Manager do not pay this fee
      • Due to Spring Break - this has not been set up - it should be up an running Mon, 3.21 or 3.22



    • 5th Grade Applicants
      • Parents/Guardians send me an email (
        • with student's name, parent name, a good contact phone number, and elementary school
      • Send Photo Copies of Forms due By March 25th, Friday @ 4:30 PM email to
      • Bring the actual copies to the first day of tryouts
      • Monday, March 28th send the following
        • Photo Copy - sent by email - Page 13 of the Humble ISD Team Handbook
        • Photo Copy - sent by email - Physical (front & back)


    Parent Required Meeting


    Tryout Video   Click on the link to the left

    • March 25th, Friday - Posted by 6:30 PM - Linked here. - or instructions on where to find it


    Pantherette Dance Team Tryout Information - Slide Presentation

    • Available Monday, March 22nd by 2:30 PM
    • Presented via Zoom (information above)


     Important Information You Need to Know

    • Drop Off & Pick Up - Will Only Be at the Circle Drive all Week March 28-April 1
      • 5th Graders - Drop Off -
        • I will have some girls outside from 4:15-4:30 to greet you and show you where the gym is located


    • No Cell Phones during tryouts on Thursday & Friday
      • They will be collected and returned at least 30 minutes prior to finishing


    • Tryouts are closed and are conducted with Judges


    • Location of Tryouts - Main Gym at TMS


    • Where to get dressed for Tryouts - Girls Restrooms - Immediately After School
      • At the Bell Each Day  
        • Get Dressed - Using the Girl's Restrooms 
        • Report to me immediately after youy are dressed - even though the time says 4:30 
        • Where to report - outside of the Main Gym
          • All students are expected to report to me outside of the main gym immediately after school 



    What to Wear & Bring & How to Wear Hair

    • Wear All Black & Dance Shoes Everyday & On Tryout Day 
      • Black Leggings, Black Top, Jazz Shoe, Pirouette, or a Sock if you do not have dance shoes
    • Hair Pulled Back in a Pony Tail and Hair Pinned out of Eyes
    • Bring - Water Bottle, Snack


    Tryouts will consist of:


    • A compulsory tryout dance combining Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, & some kicks, most skills favor the right side


    • The Tryout Dance & or Across the Floor will have


    • Kicks, Grand Jetes (Leaps), Tilt Kick, Different Turns such as Chaines/Piques/Pirouettes, Splits, Toe Touch, Surprise Leap and Calypso 


    • Those trying out for Military Officer will be asked to increase the level of  difficulty
        • a Jump Tilt, Double & Triple Pirouettes, A La Secondes 


    How many make the team? 


    • Those that perform well together & there is a break in scores


    How will the team and officers be posted?  


      • 2022-2023 Team will be posted on or before 9:00 PM on this website the day of tryouts
        • The team members wanting to tryout for Military or Social Officer know to come the following day for tryouts with the judges


      • 2022-2023 Military and Social Officer will be posted on or before 1:00 PM on April 2nd


    What happens each day at tryouts....

    • 3.25.22.   4:30 PM          Friday     
              • Military Notebooks Turned In  by 4:30 PM & prior to this during wk of March 22-25 1 min solos presented to the director as well as the  2-8's, & interviews completed with the director 
              • Social Officer Notebooks turned in to  the director.  Posters & Candy Gram - photo copy sent to Ms. Magee by email by 4:30 PM
              • Manager Candidates - Submit Email - to Ms Magee by 4:30 PM with your 1) paragraph - open the Manager Information (linked at the top) 2) Signed Panthette Manager Requirements Form with both Parent and Student Signature also due on March 25th, Friday.


        • You must make the team on Thurs, 3.31 to return on Friday for Military or Social Officer Tryouts
        • Manager Candidates who do not try out for the team return on Friday for a Judges Interview
        • If you do not make the team and are interested in a manager, attend the tryout on Friday,  and make Ms. Magee aware of your interests



    3.28.22  Mon  4:30 - 6:15 Learn 1st 1/2  Dance / Military Officer Candidates will have a dance with an increased level of difficulty

    • Social Officers - Monday - The first day of tryouts -
      • Bring your poster to display in the classroom in the morning before school starts

    3.29.22  Tues 4:30 - 6:15 Learn 2nd 1/2 Dance  & Military Officer Candidates will Teach 2-8's to Dance Team Candidates 

    3.30.22  Wed 4:30 - 6:15 Mock Tryout & Social Officer Candidates will do their Presentations with their Posters & Candy Grams (bring a piece of candy for everyone trying out)

    3.31.22  Thur 4:45/5:00 - 7:00/7:30 - Team Tryout 

    • On tryout day the students will remain in the small gym/cafeteria
    • Students dance in groups of 3-4 before the judges, staring with across the floor, then the splits, and finishing with the tryout dance
    • There may be call backs
    • Students will contact parent(s) about 30 minutes prior to pick up
    • No Cell Phones will be out or used during the tryouts for team and officer/manager tryouts
    • Students trying out are to remain in the building at all times until their parent/guardian comes to pick them up
    • Students are expected to leave the area clean and throw away all trash

    4.1.22 1:00 PM Military Officer and Social Officer Candidates must make the team to tryout the following day

    4.1.22  4:45 - 7:00/7:30 Officer Tryouts (Military & Social Officer) & (Manager Tryouts)

    • Military & Social Officer Tryouts Only
    • Wear All Black
    • Eat a Snack Before Tryouts 
    • Bring Water Bottle
    • New Officers Announced Following Day
    • Manager Candidates will attend all of practice for tryouts plus a few other requirements & go through a judges interview
    • Social Officers - make sure you have your posters and a candy gram (bring 6 set ups)

    4.2.22  Sat 1:00 PM - 2022-2023 New Military & Social Officers & Managers Announced


    What Happens After Tryouts?

    4.5.22 Tues 1st Installment  of 3 payments due for Dance Team Expenses on Revtrak - TMS School Store - Click on the Parent Tab to access this

    4.7.22 Thur 4-6:00 PM Uniform Fittings with Varsity

    In April & May Practices

    • April's Spring Show:  The New Team 2022-2023 Will Perform the Tryout Dance 
    • In April there will be a couple of Practices after School to pull together the spring show performance for the 2022-2023 Pantherette Dance Team
    • In April The 2022-2023 Military & Social Officers will meet a couple of times outside of the Team's Practices
    • In May the 2022-2023 Team will meet after school 3-4 X's iSchedule will be posted at a later date
    • In May The 2022-2023 Military & Social Officers will meet a couple of times outside of the Team's Practices

    4.15.22 Fri 1st Installment for Field Uniform with Varsity due - a link will be sent to you - for you to make the payment directly

    4.20.22 Wed Online Purchases through Amazon and other Vendors -

    • Parents begin to make sure you purchase items needed for camp & football season

    5.5.22 Thur 2nd Installment of 3 payments due for Dance Team Expenses on Revtrak - TMS School Store - Click on the Parent Tab to access this

    5.23.22 Mon 3rd Installment of 3 payments due for Dance Team Expenses on Revtrak - TMS School Store - Click on the Parent Tab to access this

    6.10.22 Fri Final Payment for Field Uniform with Varsity is due - a link will be sent to you - use the same link as before;  if this is not paid and every girl paid in full, the company will not start making the uniforms until every payment has been received.


    What happens in the Summer?

    For all Dates Set for Summer - Military & Social Officers will be expected to meet a day or two extra than the team

    Camp Dates - 4 days for camp - finalizing this and will have this available hopefully by 3.29.22

    Officer Summer Practice - 3 days for summer practice available by 3.29.22

    Team Summer Practice - 4 days for summer practice in August by 3.29.22

    Panther Camp - Everyone attends and works a table

    Contest Fees & Payments - Start of Next School Year Fall of 2023

    9.1.22 1st Installment for Contest Fees Due

    10.1.22 2nd Installment for Contest Fees Due

    11.1.22 3rd Installment for Contest Fees Due

    12.1.22 4th Installment for Contest Fees Due 

    Money Due

    April 5th, 2022 - 1st Installment of 3 Payments Due

    1st Installment of 3 Payments Due on REVTRAK (TMS SCHOOL STORE) click on parent tab 

    Making the 1st  REVTRAK payment and field uniform down payment confirms the dance team member accepts the position on the team.  


    • In April/May -
      • There will be 3 payments on REVTRAK -
      • One each month to get set up, April 5, May 5, & May 23
      • Paying for items such as Camp, Choreographers, T-Shirts, Backpack, Team Jacket, Social Fees
    • In April/May -
      • Parents/Gaurdians will be making these purchases themselves, by placing the orders ONLINE 
      • Varsity Uniforms for Field Uniform - April 7th After School - 4-5:30 PM
      • Discount Dance for Dance Shoes & Tights
      • Amazon for Black Leggings, Team Tennis Shoes, Team Bow, Sleeves, Tights, Shorts, Pirouettes, Jazz Shoes
    • 1st REVTRAK Installment 4.5.22 must be paid PRIOR TO the Field Uniform fittings on 4.7.22
      • Once the Field Uniform fittings take place there will be 2 installments made on Varsity's Website.  
      • Varsity will not begin to make the Field Uniforms until they have collected 100% from every girl on the team.
        • Last year we almost did not get them in time for football season, due to late payments.... please make sure this is taken care of in the time frame they request.  You will be sent an email link from me, to begin making these payments.
    • In August-December - On REVTRAK & Some ONLINE PURCHASES - Families will again begin a payment plan for contest expenses monthly August or September through December
        • Covers contest fees,  costumes and buses, etc

    4.7.22   4-5:30/6:00 PM FIELD UNIFORM FITTINGS with the Company Varsity 

    • FIELD UNIFORM FITTINGS  - This is the only time VARSITY will be here to fit
    • This uniform payment is paid directly to Varsity - parents will make the payment directly themselves with a link I receive after fittings and will forward to the family


    About the Pantherettes


    • The Pantherette Dance Team, supports the school with performances at football and basketball games, and competes in local/area competitions as well as other guest appearances and functions. They also try to have a fall and spring show.  Practices with Choreographers or Technicians may begin in May or at Summer Camp in June or July, and Summer Practice in August.  
    • Team Member required Dates for Camp & Summer, Practice Expectations, & the Financial Obligation as well as other details will be shared at the Parent Zoom Meeting - March 22nd, Monday, evening at 6:30 PM.   A link will be posted on this webpage prior to this Required Parent Meeting for students wanting to tryout for the dance team.  
    • The team practices after school to prepare for these performances.  Most practices end at 5:30 and sometimes 6:00 so that they can establish spacing on the football field or basketball court which ever may be the need.  The football field and or gym time are not available to the dance team until after 5:00 PM When school first starts, there is no practice on the first 2 days after school.  
    • Practices when first working on new dances may be all week especially when preparing for their first performance ot the year or the weeks preceding competition and other performances. As the team improves, they will practice fewer days. Military Officers and Social Officers have the expectation to put in more time than the team.  Military Officers have more responsibility and with this comes additional practice time.  For example: during football season the team will perform on different nights - 7th Grade is on one night and 8th Grade is on a different night.


    VERY IMPORTANT - Academics!

    • Grades are very important in this program....
    • If passing classes has been difficult, please really think about this before trying out.
    • No Pass No Play-Rule applies to our Dance Team

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Congratulations to the New 2021-2022 Pantherette Dance Team & Officers