Pantherettes 2020-2021



    to the most recent additions to the 


    TMS Pantherette Dance Team




    I want to say thank you to all of the girls for putting in your time and effort !


    Timberwood Middle School

    2020 - 2021

    Pantherettes Dance Team

    Newest Members "**"


    Emily Carrera

    **Madelyn Clevenger

    Kamryn Elkin

    Sophia Garza

    Kallie Green 

    Giselle Lopez 

    **Ahrianna Mallory

    Julia Martin

    Tahlia Parker

    **Avery Pepper

    Isabella Sanches

    **Tiara Sanders

    **Mylie Sharp

    **Erica Vauter


    The newest members are to join the team at practice

    after school tomorrow, Thursday, 9.30.2020


    What to Wear:  School Clothes - Do Not Dress Out

    Wear to Meet:  Dance Room


    Time to Meet:  4:10 PM

    Practice Time: 4:20 - 5:00 (Brief Meeting)

    Date:  Thursday, 9.30.2020

    Practice Times - 4:20-5:30 - Oct, Nov, Dec

    Always Meet at 4:10 PM in the Hallway outside of Gym to Dress; we go in together.  When a time says (off) we still have class to practice 5th period.

    • Oct. 13-15 - T, W, Th 
    • Oct. 20-22 - T, W, Th (Thursday) Practice cancelled
      • TODAY - Bring $ for Football Game Passes for Parents $6 each - Limit 2 Passes per family ($12) Cash Only
    • Oct. 24th - Saturday Practice - 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM - Drop Off & Pick Up - Front Circle Dr. Only
      • Bring Drinks/Snack(s) - I am bringing 1 case of waters
      • Food for Practice will be offered - Chick-fil-a - Pay Sat Morning @ drop off
      • Sat Morning - Give $ to Erica's mom Wendy at Drop off for Practice
      • $ Cash Only - Exact Change - Email going out Friday 10.23 on how much
    • Oct. 27-29 -  T, W, Th
    • Nov 7th - Saturday Practice - 8:00 AM - 12 PM (bring snacks, water, poms)
    • Nov 2-5 - M, T, W, Th, F (We have our 1st Perf Mon Nov 9)
    • Nov 9-12 - M (Game) - T (off) - (W, Th - Practice)
    • Nov 17-21 - M (Practice) - T (Game) - W (off) - Th (Practice)


    TMS Football Game Schedule Link 

    Pantherette Football Game Performances

    Nov 9 - Mon - 7th Grade - TMS (home) vs Woodcreek (away) @ AHS

    Nov 17 - Tue - 8th Grade - TMS (home) vs Atascocita (away) @ AHS


    To Game - Pantherettes are Riding the Bus With Cheerleaders to Game  

    After Game - Parents take their child home 

    Humble ISD Travel Release Form - Must complete Form 2x - once for each game on how your daughter will travel home from the game


    Look for more information regarding Pantherettes & Ordering Supplies


    NEWEST MEMBERS: Have your mother/father send a request to your counselor for a schedule change to placed in the

    Pantherette Dance Class 5th Period.


    1. Schedule Change - Send a request to your counselor for a schedule change & to be placed into the Pantherette Dance Class 5th Period, tomorrow, Oct. 1, Thursday.

    2. Physical - Get an Appointment for a Physical immediately - You Cannot attend After School Practice unless this is done

    3. Physical Forms - will be posted on this website - tomorrow 

    4. Camp  -  Directions will be posted on this website tomorrow. 

    5. Camp Fee - is $187.50 to Crowd Pleasers

    6. Other Fees - Due for Uniforms Etc - withing the next few days


    Note:  Everyone, I will be sending out camp routines to everyone

    and you need to work on them during the break.