Sherry Grimes   

    5th Grade

    All Subjects

    Room 102

    (281) 641-3534


     Conference Time: 8:05-9:00am

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    Fifth Grade is packed full of exciting curriculum, engaging lessons, and visual growth!   We have high expectations, and  expect a solid work ethic.  Students are held accountable for taking responsibility of their own academic progress, growth, and achievements.  In my Reading and Language Arts classes, students will be challenged to explore a variety of reading genres and produce written samples in a multitude of formats.  In Social Studies, we will explore the wonders of United States history.  The students will learn to self-monitor their comprehension and apply reading strategies when meaning breaks down.  In mathematics, they will be asked to do more than just compute answers using the algebraic expressions.  Students will need to grasp a deeper understanding of the mathematical concept and express their understanding through a alternative methods.   We will be engaging the students through weekly and biweekly hands-on science learning investigations.  They will be active participators, involved in group discussions, and asked to support their ideas with evidence.  The year will be rigorous, but the value will be immeasurable! I'm looking forward to a terrific year!  

    Let's Go Leopards! 


    *Reading/Math Tutorials are done by invitation only.  
    Students who need assistance will be invited to attend from 7:30-8:05am.*

  • Grimes' Teaching Daily Schedule:             

    Students arrive 7:30-7:55

    School starts 7:55

    Den Time 7:55-8:15

    Reading 8:15-9:15

    Writing/Sp/Gr 9:15-9:45

    Social Studies 9:45 -10:20

    Math 10:20-11:40

    Specials 11:45-12:35

    Recess 12:40-1:00

    Bathroom 1:00-1:10

    Lunch 1:10-1:40

    Math ...Con't 1:40-1:50

    Science 1:50-2:50

    Read Aloud 2:50-3:10

    Dismissal Routines Begin 3:20