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    Mrs. McDowell
    Special Education/Geometry/Algebra 1 co-teacher
    KPark High School

    (See Mrs. Baugh's website/schoology page for more updated geometry info) https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/5907
    (See Mrs. Morgan's website/schoology page for more updated Algebra 1 info) https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/12456

    Period: Class:
    1:Co-Teach Alg. 1 (W/Morgan room 1615)
    2:Co-Teach Geom (W/Baugh room 2305)
    4:Co-Teach Geom (W/Baugh room 2305)
    5:Co-Teach Geom (W/Baugh room 2305)
    6:Co-Teach Geom (W/Baugh room 2305)
    7:Co-Teach Geom (W/Baugh room 2305)
    Travel Club will be held on Tuesdays for "B" lunch time in room 2305 once Flex Lunch schedule begins! 
    Geometry tutoring will be held in room 2305 with Mrs. Baugh and Cameron Shoffner M-Th "A" flex
    Welcome students and parents! It's going to be an amazing year at KPark High School! This is my 13th year of teaching and 4th year at KPark. I taught elementary school for 7 years while my daughters were attending Bear Branch.  I'm really excited to be back, as a Panther, at the high school! I love the spirit and energy that comes with being in a high school setting. I also plan on taking students and some parents who love traveling with me on trips around the world, through EF Tours! My goal as a teacher is to build relationships with my students and to help them work towards showing a year's growth in all subjects. My hope for my students is to strive to be life-long, independent learners, well-rounded citizens, successful and kind human beings.  We will be constantly looking at what we are learning and asking, "how is this relevant to my life now and in the future of our society, in this ever-changing world."  I look forward to working together as a support team for your kiddos, to make this happen. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.
    Mrs. McDowell