Dawn Gorski

    Room: 402 ?

    Email: dbandjo@humbleisd.net

    Phone: 281-641-2700

    Me and my Willow

                                                                                                        Welcome to 4th Grade!


      Schedule is coming soon!                                                                                                                    



    I am moving up to fourth grade! For my 3rd grade babies: I can't wait to see you soon!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer. For parents check back soon for a run down off future projects. 
    Also- Fourth grade will be 2 blocks this year. Your students will be switching between 2 teachers durning the day. One for Reading/writing/ social studies, and the other teacher will be Math/Science.  Currently I will be teaching the reading block. 
    As always any questions or concerns please email me.  
     Websites to help with Math and Reading:
    Prodigy- This a game that the students play, where they can travel around and fight battles. The battles are math questions they have to answer. In class they will get a log in. This is a free website, so feel free to create an account for your child to do at home even before he/she gets their login information from me.  
    IXL- This website contains a lot of great activities the students can do in both reading and math. just click on the subject you want and the grade level, and from there you can choose what topic you want your student to work on.