• Mr. Stephen Escobedo
    7th Grade Texas History & 6th Grade World Cultures
    Room # T-7
    (281) 641-6022
    Email Address: sescobe@humbleisd.net



    Welcome to Mr. Escobedo's Texas History Class.


    • Texas History and World Cultures are important and interesting. While we will use textbooks, historical novels, worksheets, and interactive spirals I will make the Texas History classroom a student driven, project based setting where students learn from each other. I will incorporate fun technology every chance I get; including Google Docs, Documentaries, Movies, Music, Quizizz, Quizlet, and the electronic textbook.


    1. Be on time 

    2. Be prepared

    3. Be respectful
    My Schedule
    1st Athletics 7th Grade 700
    2nd World Cultures 112
    3rd Texas History T7
    4th Texas History T7
    5th Planning/Conference
    6th Texas History T7
    7th Texas History T7
    8th Athletics 8th Grade 700