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    Julia Jones -World Geography-Room 2408

    jjones@humbleisd.net - (best form of communcation is through email)



    We will make it through this! The best place to submit assignments is throught Schoology. This will help keep all turned in assignments organinzed. I would hate for a student to lose credit because I miss an email during this chaotic time.  


    Click here for step by step instructions for how to sign into Schoology. 

    *Use should name the file: "Lastname_AssignmentName" This is just a professional way to send files. 


    Click here to watch a video for instructions to turn in an assignment using Schoology.

    *Remember to submit after completing the assignment. If you made changes after submitting, I will not be able see them. 


    Tomorrow, I am hoping to make step by step instructions for how to submit an assignment. I am trying to access a student account to be able to provide pictures with the instructions. (Assuming the website to load content is working; it wasn't working all day today.)


    Thank you for your patience! Please let me know if you have any problems so I can try to fix it quick for you and others. 


    1= World Geography

    2= World Geography

    3= World Geography

    4= Team Planning

    5= World Geography

    6= World Geography

    7= World Geography