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    The Mosaic Program has been providing excellent transition services to the Humble ISD community since 2009! The purpose of Mosaic is to help our students reach their personal goals by gaining skills in four domain areas. 

    Independent Living: We believe our students can improve their ability to live as independently as possible. For some, this means moving out of their family's home and into their own, for others, it might mean living as an adult (roommate) with family or caregivers or in a group home. We strive to teach our student the skills to live independently including (but not limited to) cooking, banking, hygeine, safety, and managing personal business.

    Employability: We believe that employment is an important part of a fulfilled life. Our goal is to help each student with the desire to work to be competitively employed in his or her community. For some students, this might mean volunteering, self-employment or other ways to be a contibuting and valuable member of the community. We provide opportunities including volunteering, internships, and assistance with job search and retention. In addition, we work closely with the Texas Workforce Commission to connect our students to adult employment services.

    Recreation and leisure: We believe that students enjoy more fulfilling and quality lives when they are able to participate actively in leisure activities in their community. We help students to gain social skills as well as the executive functioning skills needed to organize, plan and participate in meaningful activities.

    Lifelong Learning: We believe that our students are lifelong learners. We strive to teach our students the skills needed to access and participate in learning opportunities both in the community and with our community college partner, Lone Star College Kingwood. 


    I am the team lead for the Mosaic Program and work with both the teachers and students to support our program. I am available any time for questions or concerns! 


    Courtney McGrew, M.Ed

    Mosaic Team Lead