• Justin Loflin

    Science Department




    1st Period: AP Physics C

    2nd Period: Pre-AP Physics  

    3rd Period: AP Physics C

    4th Period: Pre-AP Physics 

    5th Period: Pre-AP Physics

    6th Period: Pre-AP Physics

    7th Period: Conference 



     Hoping this message finds you well.  As we go through these unfamilar times I will attempt to create the most "normal" learning environment I can.  As I would in class I will continue to provide lectures (however virtual) and practice for all upcoming units.  I will still continue to provide assistance via ZOOM tutoring sessions and weekly emails as well as scanned copies of practice problems completed by me with explanations.  On a side note if you want any useless bits of trivia and information like you get in class, you can now follow me on Twitter @jLo_phyz (Shocking I know, but these are new times we are living in).  Hope to see or hear from you all very soon.