UPDATE AS OF )4/04/20

    I will have zoom tutoring every Tuesday 9:00-10:00/1:00-2:00 and Thursday 10:00 . We are going to change how we do zoom meetings. Every Tuesday and Thursday before the meeting I will post the link in the google classroom of your classroom teacher. I have the waiting room turned on in zoom. In order to get into the meeting, you need to have a name I recognize. Make sure you are signed in through Humble ISD/My humble. This will start Tuesday April 7th.

    Some additional information about the zoom tutoring. You can sign in and ask a question and leave. Think of this as our lunch tutoring. If these times do not work, visit my website for other teacher’s availability.

    I will also be posting notes for all of my co-classes on this website. 

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    1st period- World History- W/ Coach Whitmer 2208  (Tuesday 10am and 2pm Thursday 10am)

    2nd Period- US Government W/ Mrs. Eichman 2104 ( Tuesday 10am and 2pm/ Thursday 10am)

    3rd Period- Aquatic Science W/ Coach Burt 3002 ( Thursday 1200 pm)

    4th Period World History W/ Coach Whitmer 2208 (Tuesday 10am and 2pm Thursday 10am)

    5th Period US History W/ Kayla Baca 2204 ( Tuesday 10am and 12am / Thursday 8am)

    6th Period - World History W/ Brendin Miquez ( Tuesday 10am  and 2 pm/ Thursday 9am) 


     **********For Classroom assignments and calendar please see Team/ Primary Teacher Website/ Google Classroom *********


    Ms. Collins