• Eydie Boone
    9th grade
    Algebra I
    Room 4103



    girl studying

    You can MAKE it happen!!


     1st period : conference
    2nd period: Algebra 1
    3rd period: Algebra 1
    4th period: Algebra 1
    5th period: Algebra 1
    6th period: Algebra 1
    7th period: Algebra 1
    Monday-Seely (A lunch)-Room 4202 
    Tuesday-  Seely  (A lunch)-Room 4202
                   Young (B lunch)-Room 4102
    Wednesday-Boone-(B lunch)-Room 4103
    Thursday-Anderson (A lunch)- Room 4103 
                  Boone (B lunch)-Room 4103
                  Young (B lunch)-Room 4103
     Friday-All teachers have duty 
    Monday-Friday- during Lunch ( all students must arriving at the beginning of A lunch to Begin Test)